Get Started


Get Started



Get started by creating an account on Bidsquare. Creating an account is free. Once you create an account on Bidsquare all you need to do going forward to bid is register for the auction you are interested in. View the short video below on the two step process of signing up for Bidsquare and registering for an auction.


We believe in building a trusted platform for both buyers and sellers. As part of this, we require credit card information upon registration for an auction. Please note the information is for verification purposes only, and your credit card will not be charged.


How to Bid

Once you are registered for an auction you are set to bid. You can now bid two different ways – live bidding or by leaving an absentee bid. New to live bidding? View the short video to see how it works.



Leaving an Absentee Bid

If you will not be around during the time of the auction to bid live, you can conveniently leave an absentee bid. Enter the highest value you wish to bid. Bidsquare will bid on your behalf during the live auction until your indicated value. View an example of absentee bidding in the short video below.



You’ve Won! What To Do Next


Payment details vary by auction house. View the Terms and Conditions link on any sale landing page for payment details for the specific auction you are interested in. Auction houses will provide payment instructions to winning bidders.


Shipping details vary by auction house. Each auctioneer will list information pertaining to shipping on their sale landing page for that auction. Click on the Shipping Information link to view shipping details.