What is Bidsquare?

What is Bidsquare

Bidsquare is THE destination for individuals and collectors seeking exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces. Bid on authentic, curated collectibles with new, unique pieces added every day. Leave a bid or bid real-time during any auction. Bidsquare is redefining the 21st Century auction experience by connecting you with trusted auction houses all around the world!

I’m constantly looking for 20th Century glass to add to my collection. Bidsquare is my first and favorite stop. The site is user friendly, easy to navigate, and has the most beautiful art and antiques from the best auction houses all in one place.

-Margo L., Bidsquare buyer since September 2014

Explore and browse upcoming auctions, offering collectibles across 14 categories including 20th Century design, Fine Jewelry, Fine Wine, Asian Art and more! 

Our Story

Bidsquare was launched when six renowned auction houses decided to join forces. In an unprecedented move, like-minded competitors came together for the good of buyers, sellers and auction houses alike.

Bidsquare delivers a vast array of exceptional property, from fine art to estate jewelry to modern design and historical artifacts, all vetted by America’s foremost auction houses. The site also boasts a free, searchable database of over a million auction records – and counting.

Bidsquare is a one stop shopping experience where you can find exceptional pieces from leading auction houses. Search by category or auction house, create watchlists and share discoveries with friends and fellow enthusiasts. Have a question? Inquire with the auction house and they will be more than happy to send you a condition report about the item you are interested in.


Bidsquare carefully selects all auction houses selling on bidsquare.com. Many specialists at these auction houses appear on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. Bidsquare auction houses have a reputation of trust and take pride in what they do, which is reflected in the high quality pieces they list on Bidsquare. New auctions are added every day, so be sure to sign up for an account on Bidsquare and create alerts so you don’t miss out! Join our email list here and get emails on auctions for the week, just added items and highlighted sales.

Meet the Partners

“We’re excited to bring our amazing Cowan’s selection to a broader audience.”

- Wes Cowan, Founder and President of Cowan’s Auctions

“The founding members of Bidsquare saw a real opportunity to create a site friendly to both the consumer and the auction house. We came together to fill a void to provide a trusted platform that offers only the choicest items available at auction.”

- David Rago, Partner and Co-Director of Rago

“Bidsquare is a game changer. We're giving collectors an unmatched selection of items chosen by leading experts in the field.”

- Leslie Hindman, President/CEO of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

“We are offering auction houses the opportunity to join an esteemed consortium on a platform that was designed for both quality and transparency. It’s a win/win proposition for the marketplace as a whole.”

- Karen Keane, CEO of Skinner, Inc.

“After one full year with all of our online bidding coming through Bidsquare, things couldn’t be going any better. Our experience with Bidsquare has surpassed all expectations. I look forward to more success as Bidsquare prospers.”

- Ron Pook, President and Founder of Pook & Pook, Inc.

“We developed a site based on feedback from our customers, creating a better online experience in our ever evolving auction market. We bring a vetted collection from trusted auction houses to bidders from around the world.”

- Andrew Brunk, President of Brunk Auctions
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How does an Auction Work?


Overview of an Auction

For those attending an auction for the first time, don’t worry… you won’t get stuck with a $20M Van Gogh just because of an ill-timed scratch of the nose. The auction process, at least in the modern era, goes back 470 years and is a tightly run operation that leaves nothing to chance. The Internet has transformed the auction process, creating a landscape in which thousands of goods and services can be offered for bidding from anywhere and at any time.

History of an Auction

Live vs Timed Auctions


Live Auction
A live auction is hosted by an auctioneer in real time, typically at the gallery or salesroom of the auctioneer, and is held before an audience of bidders. Bidsquare is a service that allows a bidder to remotely participate in a live gallery auction via the internet. Other bidders might participate -- in person, by phone or through an absentee bid sent in prior to the auction. Bidsquare participants place their bids via a computer, bidding in response to bids placed by others. Your bids are automatically received by a remote clerk, who places your bid in real time. Bidding will continue (usually at defined increments) until competition for the lot ends. If the highest bid offered meets the minimum price designated by the seller as acceptable, the lot is sold. The auctioneer will then move on to the next lot.

Timed Online Only Auctions 
A timed online only auction is automated and takes place solely online. The bidding for each lot is opened at a predetermined level set by the auctioneer, usually at a set time and stays open over an extended period of hours or days. During this period of open bidding, a bidder will be able to see the current high bid on each lot. You may place a higher bid at a defined bidding increment you choose. A bidder’s identity is always kept confidential during the auction. 


In a timed only online auction bidders are automatically informed by email if they are the high bidder, or if they have been outbid by another competing bidder. At the end of the defined bidding period, if the highest bid offered meets the minimum price designated by the seller as acceptable, the lot is sold. Bidding on all lots in a timed online only sales begin to close at a specified time, with lots closing at regular intervals until the auction has ended. Some timed auctions allow extended bidding. In such a case, if a bid is placed on a lot within a specified time before closing, the bidding may automatically be extended for a set period of time. Length of extended bidding is set by the auctioneer prior to the opening of the auction.


1-Minute Closing Rule:

All lots will close starting with lot #1. There will be a 1 minute period between each item until all items close.


Extended Bidding:

Any bids placed within 1 minute of the closing time will extend bidding by another 5 minutes. This rule will apply continuously until no bids are placed within the last 60 seconds.