Get Started


How do I get started on Bidsquare?

Get started by creating an account on Bidsquare. Creating an account is free. Once you create an account on Bidsquare all you need to do going forward to bid is register for the auction you are interested in. View the short video below on the two step process of signing up for Bidsquare and registering for an auction.

We believe in building a trusted platform for both buyers and sellers. As part of this, we require credit card information upon registration for an auction. Please note the information is for verification purposes only, and your credit card will not be charged.


How to register to bid in an auction

You have found an item that interests you – what next? You now need to register for the auction to bid on the lot.

View the short video below on how to register for an auction, or follow the steps listed below the video.

  1. Look for the “Login to Bid” button.
  2. When prompted, enter your email address and password for Bidsquare
  3. Confirm your shipping address and read / sign the terms & conditions. This will send a notification to the auction house that you are interested in bidding in the auction.
  4. You will see an on-screen notification that the auction house has received your information.
  5. Once you receive an email acknowledging bidder approval, revisit the lot to bid!

Why do I need to register to create an account?

Your registration provides us with your contact information, including the email address to send you an online bid confirmation.

Creating an account on Bidsquare is free and easy. Once you are registered on Bidsquare you can create watch lists, alerts, check on items you have won or are bidding on, and other actions in your account, making it personal and easy to navigate. Watch the short video below for an introduction to your account.

What does the status “Pending Approval” mean?

Pending status indicates that your request has been submitted to the auction house but they have not yet processed you for bidding privileges. These steps are often manual and likely to occur during the auction houses’ regular business hours.

Please note your request to be approved for bidding in an auction is by the auction house’s discretion.

Email verification

Once you register for an account on Bidsquare you will receive an email to verify your email address. Please follow the instructions to verify your email address. Once you have verified your email you have successfully registered on Bidsquare.