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Just the good stuff, and lots of it, from reputable auctioneers who know it best. Fine art, decorative objects, furnishings, jewelry, silver, design, coins, historical Americana and ephemera, militaria and more.

Founded by world class auction houses

Bidsquare is an online bidding platform founded by Brunk Auctions, Cowan's Auctions, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Pook & Pook, Rago and Skinner, Inc. Our companies wanted to be part of a safe site with known auctions, without junky bankruptcy sales or mysterious operators. We figured you might want that too. Bidsquare hosts our auctions. It also hosts those of other established and trusted auctioneers from across the U.S. and around the world. Whether you're in search of great design at a reasonable price or a singular prize for an important collection, you'll find it on Bidsquare.

Technology designed for security
To safeguard your information,
Bidsquare is powered by one of the largest most reliable ecommerce engines around. It also keeps your absentee bids security private until the to do's come up for on auction day.

Answers when you need them
Whether you are purchasing your first piece at auction or building on an existing collections, the specialists you meet through Bidsquare are accessible, knowledgable and glad to provide an opinion. The Bidsquare support team is available, too, to answer general questions about auctions or bidding online and help you with any technical problems.

All around easy to use
We built Bidsquare from our first hand experience in handling the best goods - and have created a site molded to your bidding experience. Alerts, our online database, condition reports and much more are included to give you every detail you need to navigate and confidently bid.

One place to see it all.

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