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Smithsonian Craft Show Artist Shops - Amy Smith by Amy Smith
I am delighted to be participating again in the Smithsonian Craft Show, though in this online version for 2020. I am doing my best to share my handwoven scarves and wraps via photographs, but wish you could try them on, swoosh them around your shoulders, feel the drape, experiment with the colors. Thank you for coming to the show, for being willing to try this virtual version, and for supporting the Smithsonian and all the individual artists whose work you see throughout this online event. I am a handweaver designing and weaving fine wearables on the coast of Maine. My inspiration is the world around me. I pay attention. I study tides, shadows, twilight, then create patterns and color gradations to capture the flow of light all around me -- and wrap it around your shoulders. Do I ever succeed at translating these inspirations into textile? Of course not. And that’s all right. It’s a scarf; it’s not an ocean wave. I weave with skill, joy, and an open heart. My island studio has three non-computerized 8-shaft floor looms – simple yet sophisticated tools. I weave wearables exclusively in Tencel, an eco-friendly fiber made from wood pulp (primarily eucalyptus) in a closed-loop manufacturing process with low environmental impact. This strong fine yarn that has a natural luster and is a pleasure to weave. On my loom, I turn it into fabric with a marvelous hand, lovely drape, and enticing color play – a pleasure to wear. My pieces aim to be fascinating up close, to catch your eye, and look great from across a room, to catch someone else’s. All my designs are worn by any age, any gender. All the pieces are washable. They are light enough to wear in hot climates/seasons, yet soft for snuggling into in the cold. They can be worn as dramatic statements at grand events (or ZOOM meetings) and for everyday delight and comfort. Thanks again for coming to the show and if you’re ever in midcoast Maine, contact me for a studio visit. Or share the view at my windows on Instagram @amysmithbluefeetstudio I am one of 100 artists selected to be part of the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show, hosted this year on Bidsquare. To learn more and see the full list of participating artists, click here. Read more
Amy Smith



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