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  • Price$1,100
    Lot 1

    Jack in the Pulpit Cameo Bowl

  • Price$650
    Lot 2

    Sumi-e Bird Jar in Red and Black with Oriental Knob

  • Price$310
    Lot 3

    Kingfisher Chess Piece

  • Price$350
    Lot 4

    Pileated Woodpecker Bottle

  • Price$450
    Lot 5

    Japanese Maple Cameo Bowl in Poppy Red

  • Price$580
    Lot 6

    Vulture Vase in Celadon and Black

  • Price$280
    Lot 7

    Baby Vulture Sculpture

  • Price$525
    Lot 8

    Virginia Waterleaf Bowl in Moss Celadon

  • Price$975
    Lot 9

    Wild Grapevine Lamp in Celadon with Red Berries

  • Price$850
    Lot 10

    Virginia Waterleaf Lamp in Celadon

  • Price$975
    Lot 11

    Virginia Creeper Lamp in Amber

  • Price$450
    Lot 12

    Double Owl Jar with Japanese Maple in Poppy

  • Price$650
    Lot 13

    Lidded Jar with Crow on Black Rock

  • Price$280
    Lot 14

    Small Red Bowl with Black Birds

  • Price$550
    Lot 15

    Poison Hemlock Cannister with Sumi-e Bird and Red Berri...

  • Price$850
    Lot 16

    Rattlesnake Root Cameo Bowl in Celadon

  • Price$650
    Lot 17

    Poison Hemlock Cannister with Black Bird and Red Berrie...

  • Price$450
    Lot 18

    False Solomon's Seal Bowl

  • Price$350
    Lot 20

    Large Tickseed Vase in Dark Iron

  • Price$950
    Lot 21

    Waterbird Lidded Vessel in Poppy with Ferns

  • Price$520
    Lot 22

    Wildflower Platter in Moss Green with Red Berries

  • Price$500
    Lot 23

    Milkweed Platter in Bright Celadon with Red Berries

  • Price$1,300
    Lot 25

    Falcon Jar with Poison Hemlock in Amber