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A Gold & Silver Holiday Season

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A Gold & Silver Holiday Season by Sana Doumet Jewelry
Sana Doumet A Dream Come True Sana Doumet was born and raised in Lebanon. Growing up, she always had an affinity for the arts. However, the way she discovered her love for the arts and the creation process is quite interesting. Like many of us, Sana went to college not having a clear picture of what she wanted to study or who she wanted to become. Thinking it was the right option that would prepare her for life, Sana decided to study business. Although she was doing what she thought was right, her enthusiasm was low. One day, Sana was walking to one of her classes and as she was going up the stairs, she saw another student rushing down. As Sana looked at her coming down the stairs in a bit of despair, the student stumbled and her art portfolio dropped to the floor. Her paintings and drawings flew out of her portfolio and spread onto the stairs and floor. Immediately, Sana rushed to help her. Instead of helping her pick her work off the floor, Sana froze and her eyes were fixated on the student's paintings and drawings. In that moment, Sana realized that she was meant to be an artist. After this encounter, Sana instantly switched from business school to art school to pursue her dream of becoming the artist she is today. At the start of her journey in art school, Sana explored many different mediums, where she found sculpture to be the medium she was most attracted to. She studied sculpture in Perugia, Italy and then transformed her love for sculpture into jewelry while studying at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. Sana's inspirations come from her love of African, Middle Eastern and South American art. When living in Ecuador, she used to receive all the major art magazines and her dream was to become a full fledged jewelry designer and artist, like those in the magazines. She admired the accomplishments of the artists who exhibited their work at art shows and always wondered if her dream of doing the same would ever materialize. In the year 2000, Sana, her husband, son and two daughters moved from Ecuador to Clearwater, Florida where Sana continued to create her jewelry and pursue her dreams. She is the perfect example of a success story that started with a dream. For a few years, she worked at developing her series and collections and eventually moved into her studio and started exhibiting her work at art shows all over the United States. Exhibiting all over the United States is a dream come true for Sana. In addition to becoming a very successful artist who is loved by her customers, she has won many awards and has been published in various books and magazines. "My Designs are a reflection of whom I am and what I have become. My love for the medium I use allows me to overcome and explore its softness resulting in different textures, looseness and motions clearly visible in my work. My inspiration is the beauty that exists everywhere; in the past, present and future. My aim is to echo back to the wearer the feeling of love I put into every piece I create and to have people feel the excitement and joy of having discovered The Art of Jewelry Read more
Sana Doumet Jewelry
Clearwater, FL 33758
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