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Oct 22, 09:00AM EDT to Oct 31, 10:00PM EDT

2021 Smithsonian Craft Show - Melissa Finelli

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  • Lily Post Earrings
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    Lily Post Earrings

  • 18k Nugget Post Earrings
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    18k Nugget Post Earrings

  • I'm Coming Out Necklace
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    I'm Coming Out Necklace

  • Loopy Links Necklace
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    Loopy Links Necklace

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    Super Squirm Necklace

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    Silver Squirm Necklace

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    Fine Feeler Necklace

  • Bubbly Bubbles Necklace
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    Bubbly Bubbles Necklace

  • Sassy Little Succulent Necklace
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    Sassy Little Succulent Necklace

  • Sprout
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  • Space Ball Ring
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    Space Ball Ring

  • Hidden Succulent Ring
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    Hidden Succulent Ring

  • Cloud Ring
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    Cloud Ring

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    Not-So-Tiny Bubbles Ring

  • Delights
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  • Super Stacks Earrings
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    Super Stacks Earrings

  • Happy Little Feeler Post Earrings
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    Happy Little Feeler Post Earrings

  • Twists and Turns Earrings
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    Twists and Turns Earrings

  • Spirals in Flight Earrings
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    Spirals in Flight Earrings

  • Dimples Earrings
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    Dimples Earrings

  • These Guys Earrings
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    These Guys Earrings

  • Wonky Wobblers Earrings
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    Wonky Wobblers Earrings

  • Floating With Curiosity Ring
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    Floating With Curiosity Ring

  • Bubbly Bubbles All Around
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    Bubbly Bubbles All Around

Event Description

2021 Smithsonian Craft Show - Melissa Finelli by Melissa Finelli
ABOUT MELISSA Melissa Finelli is a Boston-based jeweler and metalsmith who creates work in her Fort Point studio. Melissa studied metalsmithing at the North Bennet Street School and sculpture at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. Melissa's award-winning works are intimate sculptures to adorn the body and encompass an appreciation for organic forms and playful design. Her jewelry is forged by hand in silver or 18k gold by heating the metal, and then hammered to sculpt the piece into life. By creating jewelry in this process it is Melissa's intention that no two pieces are exactly alike. Her jewelry showcases smooth forms, playful spinning circles, or sprouting appendages in unfussy designs. IN HER OWN WORDS My process is spontaneous. I don't plan or draw out my idea; most often I don't know what the piece will become until the very last moment. I am always in motion in the studio- hammering, sawing, and soldering a flurry of activity. The process of hand fabricating allows me to work spontaneously, letting one thing lead to another. While manipulating my materials I aim to create movement and space in a solid form. The challenges of engineering these intimate sculptures excites me. I am drawn to the inherent obsessiveness of creating these minute compositions, all the while seeking a balance of precision and chaos in each piece. Read more
Melissa Finelli
Boston, MA 02210
United States



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Thank you so much and enjoy the work. Hope to see you in person in 2022! Be well, Melle

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