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Oct 22, 09:00AM EDT to Oct 31, 10:00PM EDT

2021 Smithsonian Craft Show - Holly Tornheim

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  • Open Heart
    Lot 1

    Open Heart

  • Vessel IV
    Lot 2

    Vessel IV

  • Wind
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  • Night's Veil
    Lot 4

    Night's Veil

  • Hope Waits in the Wings
    Lot 5

    Hope Waits in the Wings

  • Cherry Bowl & Servers
    Lot 6

    Cherry Bowl & Servers

  • Power of Water
    Lot 7

    Power of Water

  • Beached Bowl
    Lot 8

    Beached Bowl

  • Shoaling
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  • Bring Home the Salmon
    Lot 10

    Bring Home the Salmon

  • After the Tide
    Lot 11

    After the Tide

  • Tray
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  • Grated Cheese Bowl & Spoon
    Lot 13

    Grated Cheese Bowl & Spoon

  • Climate Dot Tray
    Lot 14

    Climate Dot Tray

  • Black Walnut Tray
    Lot 15

    Black Walnut Tray

  • Myrtlewood Bowl & Servers
    Lot 16

    Myrtlewood Bowl & Servers

  • Black Walnut Tray
    Lot 17

    Black Walnut Tray

  • Comet Tray
    Lot 18

    Comet Tray

  • English Walnut Tray
    Lot 19

    English Walnut Tray

  • Grated Cheese Bowl & Spoon
    Lot 20

    Grated Cheese Bowl & Spoon

  • Madrone Tray
    Lot 21

    Madrone Tray

  • Black Walnut Tray
    Lot 22

    Black Walnut Tray

  • Quilted Maple Tray
    Lot 23

    Quilted Maple Tray

  • Down the River
    Lot 24

    Down the River

  • Meander
    Lot 25


Event Description

2021 Smithsonian Craft Show - Holly Tornheim by Holly Tornheim
In 1977, while helping to remodel a 16th century convent in Provence, I carved my first piece. On an old larch pole beam I carved the hollyhocks that grew in the convent garden, using a small straight edge chisel found in a workroom. The old roof beam, upended, with its twining hollyhocks, became the center pole for a circular staircase. I have continued doing all the work on each piece from design to execution myself, in my single person, solar powered studio in the Sierra Foothills. Primarily self-taught, I particularly enjoy the creation of new designs that come as a response to a particular piece of wood or to a conceptual challenge. Using solid pieces of wood in their natural color, my goal is to carve pieces that are not only visually exciting, but a delight to handle and use. My work is in the permanent collections of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Fuller Craft Museum. The importance of forest sustainability has brought me to certain decisions on how I pursue my craft. All my work is created in a solar-powered studio. The wood I use includes leftover pieces from furniture makers and also material from local brush clearing. All the non-domestic wood I use is either Forest Stewardship Council or Smart Wood certified or remnants given to me by other woodworkers. All scraps remaining are burned for heat in my home. Read more
Holly Tornheim
Nevada City, CA 95959
United States



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