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Oct 22, 09:00AM EDT to Oct 31, 10:00PM EDT

2021 Smithsonian Craft Show - Kristy Kun

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  • Shell 1
    Lot 101

    Shell 1

  • Shell 3
    Lot 102

    Shell 3

  • Shell 5
    Lot 104

    Shell 5

  • In the Current  no. 5
    Lot 112

    In the Current no. 5

  • Cambrian Memories- Emergence
    Lot 115

    Cambrian Memories- Emergence

  • Flash in the Morning Sun
    Lot 116

    Flash in the Morning Sun

  • Color of Wind
    Lot 201

    Color of Wind

  • Float into Being
    Lot 202

    Float into Being

  • Long Journey Ahead
    Lot 203

    Long Journey Ahead

  • 6" Wearable Bloom 03003
    Lot 207

    6" Wearable Bloom 03003

  • 5" Wearable Bloom 03006
    Lot 209

    5" Wearable Bloom 03006

  • 4.5" Wearable Bloom 03004
    Lot 210

    4.5" Wearable Bloom 03004

  • 6" Wearable Flower
    Lot 302

    6" Wearable Flower

  • 6" Wearable Flower
    Lot 303

    6" Wearable Flower

  • 6" Wearable Flower
    Lot 304

    6" Wearable Flower

  • 6" Wearable Flower
    Lot 308

    6" Wearable Flower

  • 6" Wearable Flower
    Lot 309

    6" Wearable Flower

Auction Description

2021 Smithsonian Craft Show - Kristy Kun by Kristy Kun
All items are handmade felt that I laboriously create in my Southern Oregon studio. Thanks for shopping! ABOUT: I am deeply moved by the transformative qualities of wool and plant fibers, which, when plied correctly, parallel environmental transformations: birth, fruition, decay. Formations of water, earth and sky, emerge as if breathing and alive. My work tries to address the fragility of these relationships in nature and evoke a moment of genuine emotion relating to the human capacity to feel and preserve their poetic beauty. Read more
Kristy Kun
Ashland, OR 97520
United States



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