Auction Description

50 Lithographs by Currier & Ives by The Old Print Shop, Inc

The Old Print Shop, Inc., is offering 50 original N. Currier and Currier & Ives lithographs for its inaugural auction on Bid Square.  This is an exciting opportunity for beginning and seasoned collectors to get original prints at lower prices.

The Old Print Shop, Inc., was founded in 1898 and has been selling important Americana for its entire history.  Over the years we have sold hundreds of thousands of Currier & Ives lithographs and are one of the noted experts on Currier & Ives.  Hardly a day goes by when we are not authenticating, evaluating, or cataloguing a Currier. 

Across the internet, and many antique shops, you will find Currier reproductions being offered.  The Old Print Shop, Inc., is only offering original Currier & Ives lithographs, and we stand by our guarantee with 118 years of customer service.  We have carefully described each item in this sale and give clear condition reports with many images to help clients to see the quality of the images and the condition issues if they exist.    

We can ship anywhere in the world and in most cases, shipment is made within 48 hours of payment.  Within the continental U.S. we have quoted prices within the lots for shipments.  We are also happy to combine shipping.  Therefore, if you purchase three lots, you will only receive one shipping charge.

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The Old Print Shop, Inc
New York, NY 10016
United States


Buyer’s Premium

Start Premium (%)
$0 5.00

Bid Increments

Start Increments ($)
$0 $5
$100 $10
$500 $25
$1,000 $50
$2,000 $100
$5,000 $200
$10,000 $500
$50,000 $1,000


The Old Print Ship, Inc.

150 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10016

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Timed Auction:

Items are available for absentee bidding only. You can browse the catalog and place bids at any time.  All items are available for inspection at The Old Print Shop, Inc. 150 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016.


Email Notification:

You will receive an email notification:
-each time you place a bid
-when you are outbid on any lot
-at the close of the auction if you are the high bidder


End of the Auction:
You will receive an invoice from The Old Print Shop, Inc. home office, detailing the hammer price, sales tax (for New York residents) and a shipping quote. To schedule a payment, call our office at 212-683-3950 (Tuesday-Saturday 9-5).

By registering and bidding in an auction conducted by The Old Print Shop, Inc. ("Old Print Shop"), bidders (through a live internet connection) agree to be bound by these terms. These are the complete and only terms and conditions on which all property is offered for sale. The Old Print Shop, Inc. retains the right to bar any bidder from participating in any auction and to exclude or reject any bid.


1) REGISTRATION. All bidders must register with BidSquare to bid. 


2) ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS. Bidding on any item, via a live internet auction indicates the bidder's agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for Bidders. Any right of bidder under this agreement shall not be assignable and shall only be enforceable by the original buyer. The rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York. All bidders submit to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in New York.


3) TERMS OF SALE. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot at any time before its final sale and to reject any bid for any reason. The highest bidder for each lot acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the "buyer."


4) ESTIMATES AND RESERVES. Presale estimates are intended to be guides and may or may not reflect the ultimate hammer price of a lot. A reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the seller of the lot and The Old Print Shop, Inc. In the case of reserved lots, the seller has authorized The Old Print Shop, Inc. to use this price as the starting price for the lot.


5) WARRANTIES AND DISCLAIMERS. The Old Print Shop, Inc. makes a limited warranty only to the original buyer of record concerning the authenticity of each lot for a period of 21 days after bidder's receipt of the purchased lot. If the buyer is not satisfied that the lot purchased is genuine or described correctly, they may after notification to The Old Print Shop, Inc. return the item for a refund of the purchase price, providing it is returned in the same condition.  The Old Print Shop, Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. All sales are final, with no returns or refunds except as provided in this limited warranty.




"By" or "Maker/Artist" - in our opinion, the work is by the artist or maker stated


"Attributed to" - in our opinion, the work is probably, but not definitely, by the artist or maker stated


"Signed" or "Marked" - in our opinion, the signature or mark is that of the stated artist or maker


"Bearing the signature (or mark) of" - in our opinion, the signature or mark is probably, but not definitely, that of the artist or maker stated


"After" - in our opinion, the work is a copy of a work by the stated artist or maker


7) INSPECTION. Sll lots are available for inspection in the gallery of The Old Print Shop, Inc.  Condition reports for most items can be found online on BidSquare with the lot in question.  Prospective bidders are encouraged to contact The Old Print Shop, Inc. directly for additional information regarding the condition of any lot.  The Old Print Shop, Inc. has described the condition of every lot.  Buyers interested in a further discussion of the condition of an item are encouraged to contact The Old Print Shop, Inc. and, to the best of our ability, we will document for the prospective bidder the condition status on any lot. Condition is always a subjective evaluation and final responsibility rests with the buyer to assess the condition of any item sold by The Old Print Shop, Inc.



8) INTERNET BIDDING. Internet bidding is available through There may be terms which apply to internet bids that should be reviewed online at the time of sale. Cowan's is not responsible for any failure to execute a bid and shall have no liability to any bidder for any technical or other failure associated with an internet auction.


9) BIDDING INCREMENTS. The following increments are used at the auction. Absentee bids must fall within these increments. Cowan's will automatically reduce any absentee bid to the closest increment if the bid falls outside the published range of increments.


For Bids falling Between Bidding Increment

 $0 -     200  $10

 $201 -     500  $25

 $501 - 1,000  $50

 $1,001-3,000 $100

 $3,001-5,000 $250

 $5,001 and up $500




10) BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY. Upon the fall of the hammer, title to the offered lot shall pass to the buyer and the buyer immediately assumes full risk and responsibility for the lot, including liability for loss or damage and is liable for payment of the Purchase Price (as defined below) to The Old Print Shop, Inc.  It is the buyer's responsibility to ask specific questions on condition related concerns prior to the auction.


11) PURCHASE PRICE AND PAYMENT. The discounted "Purchase Price" for each lot shall equal the hammer price, sales tax and, if applicable, all packing, handling, insurance and shipping costs. U.S. bidders may pay with cash, personal check, money order, bank check, wire transfer or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Bidders outside the U. S. will be required to pay by wire transfer or Credit Card.  The Old Print Shop, Inc. reserves the right to hold a purchased lot until a check has cleared.


12) SALES TAX. Buyers are required to pay any applicable state and local sales tax, The Old Print Shop, Inc. is only required to collect sales tax for New York State.


13) SHIPPING. At the request of the buyer, The Old Print Shop, Inc. will ship the purchased items.  Shipment usually happens within four business days after the auction has ended.  Shipping costs are generally quoted within the item description.  Shipment are generally made via Fed-Ex Ground. Unless buyer gives special instructions, the shipping method shall be at the sole discretion of The Old Print Shop, Inc.


14) SHIPPING CHARGES. Buyers are required to pay for all packing, shipping and insurance charges. Overseas duty charges are the responsibility of the successful bidder. Be aware that for larger and/or valuable items, shipping charges can be substantial.


15) REMOVAL AND STORAGE OF PROPERTY. If purchased property has not been removed, or The Old Print Shop, Inc. has not received shipping instructions within 21 days after the auction date, a $10 per item per day storage fee may be charged to the buyer.


16) CANCELLATION OF SALE. If purchased property remains in the custody of The Old Print Shop, Inc. for a period of 60 days following the auction, The Old Print Shop, Inc. may, at its option, cancel the sale, retaining as liquidated damages any payments made by the buyer, or resell the property at auction or by any other commercially reasonable means, for the account and at the risk of the buyer, and in such event, buyer shall be liable for the payment of all deficiencies plus all of The Old Print Shop, Inc’s costs, including but not limited to storage and costs of both sales. This right of cancellation is in addition to any and all other remedies available to The Old Print Shop, Inc.


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