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Oct 10, 2020 09:00AM EDT to Oct 25, 2020 11:55PM EDT

Smithsonian Craft Show Artist Shops - Christine Mackellar

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  • Price$1,475
    Lot 1

    Floral Blossom Triangle

  • Price$1,740
    Lot 2

    Multi Blossom Pendant

  • Price$1,660
    Lot 3

    One of a kind Diamond Twig Bracelet Set, Stepping Stone...

  • Price$1,040
    Lot 4

    Twig Bracelet Set, Diamond Stepping Stone Series. Size...

  • Price$450
    Lot 4a

    Mirror image descending circles with a center diamond. ...

  • Price$245
    Lot 4b

    Triple Circle Twig Bracelet. Stepping Stone Series.

  • Price$400
    Lot 4c

    Descending circles twig bracelet with a single diamond....

  • Price$1,430
    Lot 5

    Twig Bracelet, Blue Moonstone Autus series set

  • Price$650
    Lot 5a

    Diamond Autus Twig Bracelet

  • Price$650
    Lot 5b

    Twig Bracelet, Blue Moonstone Autus - center

  • Price$280
    Lot 5c

    Twig Bracelet, TDC Moonstone - Bottom

  • Price$1,880
    Lot 6

    One of a kind Coral Teardrop Twig Bracelet Set - Size ...

  • Price$1,596
    Lot 7

    Twig Bracelet, Red tone sapphires Set

  • Price$640
    Lot 7a

    Twig Bracelet, Autus style - top

  • Price$750
    Lot 7b

    Twig Bracelet, Line Style - middle

  • Price$290
    Lot 7c

    Twig Bracelet, Autus - bottom

  • Price$980
    Lot 8

    One of a kind Jade Pair Twig Bracelet Set. Size Small

  • Price$800
    Lot 9

    One of kind Opal twig bracelet - pastel colors. Size l...

  • Price$940
    Lot 10

    One of a kind Opal twig bracelet — sapphire-tourmaline....

  • Price$730
    Lot 11

    Stepping Stone Twig Bracelet Set

  • Price$255
    Lot 11a

    Stepping Stone Twig Bracelet, TDC - top

  • Price$300
    Lot 11b

    Stepping Stone Twig Bracelet, SSC - middle

  • Price$220
    Lot 11c

    Stepping Stone Twig Bracelet, SC - bottom

  • Price$730
    Lot 11d

    Stepping Stone Twig Bracelet, Set

  • Price$1,700
    Lot 12

    Urban Blossom Blue Moonstone Earrings

  • Price$900
    Lot 13

    Jurmala Pendant

  • Price$850
    Lot 14

    One of a kind Jurmala Brooch

  • Price$850
    Lot 15

    Mini Double Blossom Chain Earrings with Ming Pearls

  • Price$925
    Lot 16

    Mini Triple Blossom Chain Earrings with Ming Pearls

  • Price$1,240
    Lot 17

    Moonstone Triple Blossom Earrings

  • Price$220
    Lot 18

    Simple Drop Earrings

  • Price$4,800
    Lot 19

    Garland Necklace

  • Price$3,100
    Lot 20

    Hortensia Cluster

  • Price$390
    Lot 21

    Urban Blossom Triangle Earrings

  • Price$1,200
    Lot 22

    Square Urban Blossom Cluster pendant

  • Price$850
    Lot 23

    Off ear large Cube Urban cluster earrings

  • Price$400
    Lot 24

    Mini Cube Urban cluster earrings

  • Price$450
    Lot 25

    Cube Urban cluster earrings

  • Price$1,080
    Lot 26

    Round Urban Blossom pendant

  • Price$460
    Lot 27

    Round medium Urban Blossom Earrings

  • Price$460
    Lot 27a

    Round medium Urban Blossom Earrings

  • Price$398
    Lot 28

    Round small Urban Blossom Earrings

  • Price$290
    Lot 29

    Tiny Round Urban blossom pendant

  • Price$290
    Lot 29a

    Tiny Round Urban blossom pendant

  • Price$1,400
    Lot 30

    Round Urban Blossom Moonstone pendant

  • Price$380
    Lot 31

    Round small Urban Blossom Pearl Earrings

  • Price$380
    Lot 31a

    Round small Urban Blossom Pearl Earrings

  • Price$800
    Lot 32

    Gold/silver Cube Urban cluster earrings with Freshwater...

Auction Description

Smithsonian Craft Show Artist Shops - Christine Mackellar by Christine Mackellar
Christine Mackellar is a British Jeweler living and working in Brooklyn. Mackellar calls her work “urban organic.” Her inspiration is nature, cross pollinated with an urban sensibility. Her approach to design is rooted in the observation and extrapolation of specific plant elements. Fascinated with repetition in the natural world the artist’s work plays with iterations of shape and scale. The work is focused on dimensional form, using a limited color palette, to create distinctive jewelry. Christine is one of 100 artists selected to be part of the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show, hosted this year on Bidsquare. To learn more and see the full list of participating artists, click here. Read more
Christine Mackellar



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