Lot 181
  • SHOWA SANSHOKU Nishikigoi

About Seller

33 Auction Pte Ltd

215 Henderson Road, #01-05

33 Auction holds several auctions annually in Singapore and in Jakarta, including Modern and Contemporary Asian Art and Singaporean Art.

Live Auction in Progress ... Currently on Lot
SGD$26,000 - SGD$55,000 $19,549 - $41,353
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Bid Increments

Price Bid Increment
SGD$0 SGD$50
SGD$1,000 SGD$100
SGD$2,000 SGD$200
SGD$5,000 SGD$500
SGD$10,000 SGD$1,000
SGD$20,000 SGD$2,000
SGD$50,000 SGD$3,000
SGD$53,000 SGD$4,000
SGD$57,000 SGD$3,000
SGD$63,000 SGD$4,000
SGD$67,000 SGD$3,000
SGD$73,000 SGD$4,000
SGD$77,000 SGD$3,000
SGD$83,000 SGD$4,000
SGD$87,000 SGD$3,000
SGD$93,000 SGD$4,000
SGD$97,000 SGD$3,000
SGD$100,000 SGD$5,000
SGD$200,000 SGD$10,000