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A collection, study, and appreciation of antique Tin Cans and jars today is a tangible testament to the creative genius, sheer hard work, energy, perseverance, and innovation of those who worked in those earlier factories. It is quite remarkable, in fact, to see antique and vintage Tin jars, some of which are highly collectible while others are priceless. The classic shapes and designs of old Jars and Tins served as containers for spirits, oils, and perfumes, as well as advertising tools. Ultimately the old containers were thought to last and be exposed, which explains their pretty appearance and hardy nature. Bidsquare features a huge collection of vintage lithographed tin boxes, which once contained everything from chocolates, rice, toffees, coffee, and tobacco to talc and shoe polish. The Tin jars collection is a wonderful addition to any home. Many of the vintage coffee tins for sale on Bidsquare date from the mid-20th century. There are many details that can be revealed on a tin, such as the type of metal used, the zip code, the keyword, and more. The many containers available will certainly fill you with inspiration, whether you need a decorative tin to brighten your vintage home, a useful jar to use on a daily basis, or something to serve your creative hobbies.

Nowadays, antique Jars and Tins are highly sought-after collectibles by serious collectors as well as occasional enthusiasts. Some of the most desirable containers are historical in nature and all tell stories of a bygone era. It is the clues they contain about the past that draws many collectors to the world of Jars and Tins. Many of these containers are unique works of art, and the history behind them is fascinating. Containers with intriguing shapes and vintage colors are a favorite among collectors. The quirks and charms of old jars are incomparable to those of modern containers. In addition, educators and archaeologists also collect Jars and Tins as part of their research. Historical jars from the 19th and early 20th centuries are particularly popular among collectors. There is a deep appreciation for the shapes, colors, and historical significance of Tin jars and Cans that date back to these eras. 

Collectors look for containers that date back to the 1800s and were crafted by humans instead of machines, which are regarded as the most valuable. Despite the importance of rare marks, typography, and Can designs, the condition of the containers has a significant impact on value. In different parts of the country, there are different styles of jars and tins due to the manufacturing process and the types of containers being used locally and regionally. Unlike decades ago, Tin Cans and jar collecting and treasure hunting have become much easier today. Now, it is possible to get started with your own collection of Jars and Tins at Bidsquare’s online auctions. You will find many vintage beer Cans, and brewery advertising items, from various geographical regions in this auction. We have a wide variety of high-end and rare items and wallet-friendly items for you to choose from.

 Quick Facts about Jars and Tins

  • We celebrate Tin Can Day on January 19th.
  • Alma, Arkansas is the 'Spinach Capital of the World' and is home to the largest spinach Can in the world.