Hector Hyppolite: Haitian Vodou and Surrealism

Apr 25,2019

He claimed that La Sirene, The Goddess of the Sea, was his life-partner and for a third generation Vodou priest with an aptitude for painting, they would have undoubtedly made a wondrous pair. "He" is Hector Hyppolite, the mythical painter considered to be the spiritual father of the Haitian Art Mov... Read More

The Smithsonian Visionary Artists Benefit Auction

Apr 23,2019

Bidsquare is proud to be the exclusive online host for Rago Auctions’ collaborative sale, the Smithsonian Visionary Artists Benefit Auction, which celebrates the distinct and honorable Visionary Award. Established in 2014, the Visionary Award is presented annually at the Smithsonian Craft Show to ar... Read More

Allie Alvis on Being a Book Historian at the Smith...

Apr 10,2019

One feels an overwhelming desire to reach out and touch the heavily decorated and fiercely fibrous pages that crop up on Allie Alvis' bibliographic Instagram feed. Each post offers an educational and mostly fascinating peek inside the intriguing world of antique paper, embellished bindings and calli... Read More

Wedgwood Jasperware: A 10-Point Primer

Apr 04,2019

Wedgwood is ripe for collecting with examples manufactured in a variety of bodies, colors and subject matter over 260 years of production. To the novice, Wedgwood is often light blue jasper or perhaps a familiar dinner service from childhood. What they might not realize is the breadth of production ... Read More

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