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  • Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Lock Pendant Necklace
    $200 - $400

    Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Lock Pendant Necklace

    $200 - $400
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When it comes to jewelry, Asia’s major contributions to the art world have not gone unnoticed. Throughout its long history, Asian artisans have experimented and innovated, using their skill and talent to introduce new techniques that have had a lasting influence on the world of jewelry design. Asian jewelry is also internationally recognized for reflecting a wide array of cultures and influences through its unique design and technique. Diverse in its nature, Asian jewelry’s popularity spans several decades.

Jewelry-making is considered one of the highest forms of art in Asian countries. Often considered rare and beautiful, Asian jewelry combines traditional techniques and contemporary design. Chinese jewels, both vintage and modern, demonstrate the craftsmanship of Chinese culture. Most of their jewelry pieces including pendants, brooch, bangles, necklace, Chinese hairpins etc are designed to accentuate the costume. Additionally, Japanese jewelry items mainly comprised of comma-shaped objects carved of glass and green jade between 1000 BCE throughout the 6th century CE.

Asian jewelry also originates from India and other Southeast Asian countries. A wide collection of vintage and antique Asian jewelry for sale is available at several auction auctions. The auctions offer exceptional pieces of Asian jewelry at auction crafted by skilled designers. You can find elegant styles of Asian jewelry for sale on Bidsquare with classic designs. Get the best deals today!