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Expand your business online through Bidsquare.
List your valued property and sell directly to our audience of serious collectors.
Our live and timed based online platform provides maximum flexibility to sell your inventory. Curate your own catalog of items and tap into our growing presence of qualified buyers — all around the world.
Bidsquare has a collection of items from various auction houses around the world

Maximum Selling Flexibility

We offer different ways to sell on Bidsquare based on your needs.

  • Live

    Live Auctions

    You host in real time, allowing bidders to participate through
    absentee bids or live bidding on the internet.

  • Online

    Live Online-Only Auctions

    Live auctions that run like a regular auction except bidders are only
    participating online, there is no phone bidding or in-person bidding.

  • Timed

    Timed Auctions

    Hosted online, exclusively on Bidsquare for a period of time
    -usually 7-10 days.

  • Buy now

    Buy It Now Sales

    Buyers pay a fixed price (no bidding) and pay
    via credit card or Paypal.


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