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  • Shoplifter: Smiley Face
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    Shoplifter: Smiley Face

    $400 - $800
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In the late 1970s, many street artists began to shift away from canvas, and towards illustration on walls. With a divisive and vast history, street art has evolved as an art form. In the very beginning, street art was associated with the culture of hip hop. Artists then started creating street art in New York, and its popularity rapidly spread all across the US. At that time, several other street artists began experimenting with different methods and mediums like stencils and wheat paste posters.

Artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring were among the most significant artists involved in this movement. Since the 1980s, Keith Haring was regarded as the icon of street art for his public art installation in New York. Works created by Haring express a message to the public about the dangers of prejudice. Another influential artist in the street art scene is Banksy. The name Banksy can also be identified with street art in Britain. This anonymous artist had a direct influence on the development of the street art movement in the 20th century. His unique work takes on a humorous approach to address the issues of our society.

While contemporary street artists such as KAWS and Vihls have gained immense popularity over the years, vintage and antique street art have caught the attention of many. Today, a range of street art can be found around the world. You can search for vintage and antique street art on sale at Bidsquare’s online auctions. This category presents the most unique and rare pieces on sale at various important auctions.