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If you want to expand your collection of vintage and antique prints and posters, here is the large catalog for you to choose from Inkjet PrintsBotanical PrintsMonotypes, and more. Explore Bidsquare’s live auctions for a vast array of art on sale. 

Historical Prints and Posters have made a technologic transition and reinvention, starting from the formation of simple engraving methods in the fifteenth century to digital prints in the twentieth century. In recent years, there has been a dramatic change in the demand for prints and posters. Bidsquare’s modern and antique prints and posters auctions online remain at the forefront of the global market, offering exposure to works by famous post-war, contemporary, and modern artists, including Pablo PicassoAndy Warhol, and Alex Katz

Internationally acclaimed artists such as Banksy and KAWS have largely contributed to extending recognition of this genre. Also, in order to satisfy the needs of the growing global collector base, vintage and antique posters and prints on sale at auctions are focused more on diversification. 

Antique & Vintage Posters, Prints & Multiples

Our collection offers coveted prints from a variety of artists, including leading abstractionists such as Gerhard Richter and Helen Frankenthaler, contemporary masters like Bridget Ri and Sand Julian Opie, street masters such as Banksy and KAW, and California masters like Ed Ruscha and Jonas Wood.

Quick Facts about Posters, Prints & Multiples

  • Posters have been around for the past 220 years.
  • Posters were the most prevalent medium of advertising before the advent of radio and television.
  • While wall Posters are typically printed on less expensive paper and in large volumes, fine-art posters are printed on high-quality paper with careful attention to true color reproduction.

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