Decorative Arts

Over the past few decades, decorative arts have been under the influence of various artistic styles. Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassicism are three distinct styles that defined 18th century European decorative art and continue to perform strongly with bidders registrations at decorative arts auctions on online auction sites reaching new levels for every sale.  

The Art Movements

Flourished from 1643 until the 1715s, the Baroque style attempted to appeal to the viewer’s emotions as well as their intellect. The Rococo style, however, was marked by the use of soft colors, scrolling curves, and counter curves that created a powerful sense of movement and delicacy. Similarly, the Neoclassicism style was famous throughout the early 19th century. At that time, Neoclassicism rejected a variety of influences on designs. 

Looking back, several of the past styles have managed to coexist in the decorative art scene. One of the greatest characteristics of 19th-century styles was Romanticism. The movement originated from the earliest historical style, particularly the medieval period, which opposed its predecessor, Neo-Classicalism. Romanticism is known to have glamorized the exotic. Decorative arts were under the influence of these historic styles. 

Buying Decorative Arts at Auction

Antique and Vintage decorative arts in Bidsquare comprise a large collection of applied arts, lamps & lighting from the early medieval periods to the early-mid 19th century, such as silver decor items , jewelry, ivories, enamels, bronzes, ceramics, glassware, semi-precious stonework, furniture, stained glass, candlesticks and rug. A variety of antique decorative arts can also be found for sale at online auctions of Bidsquare. The range available in antique decor art is vast and includes works by major designers, including Georg Jensen, William F. Mangels, Aristide Maillol, Jeune Homme, Gustave Bayol, Pablo Picasso are some of the artists featured at decorative arts auctions. Collectors, dealers, and antique professionals will find exceptional pieces of vintage decorative arts on sale at Bidsquare, which are made in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Quick Facts on Decorative Arts 

  • The decorative arts often reflect the life of higher echelons that others imitate.
  • Decorative arts objects include ceramics, clothing, basketry, metalware, textiles, glassware, jewelry, furniture, and other similar goods.


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