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Rejecting the highly traditional artistic practices, Port Art emerged as a tremendously influential movement that spoke to the masses with the simplified language of post-war consumerism. Drawing inspiration from popular and commercial culture, this art style was a celebration of ordinary life, capturing the interest of several collectors, museums, and auction houses in recent years. The upcoming vintage and antique pop art auctions online on Bidsquare features masterpieces by the category’s top artists as well as classic works by important practitioners in the field. 

Antique and Vintage Pop Art 

The Pop Art movement exploded in the American art scene during the early 1960s. Pop Art was created by prolific artists using commercial methods like silk-screening and mechanical methods. It combined several styles of painting and sculpture, but their mutual interest was in the mass media, mass production, and mass culture. Pop art is generally understood as a response to the dominant concept of abstract expressionism.

However, it seems to be similar to Dadaism because of the use of found objects and images. Many New York artists like Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, and Roy Lichtenstein drew on famous pictures, which became an important part of this worldwide movement. A renowned artist, Andy Warhol became synonymous with this dominant movement. His illustrations of Mick Jagger, Campbell's Soup cans, and Marilyn Monroe inspired by Pop art have been popular around the world.

Similarly, in Britain, Richard Hamilton is regarded as the founder of Pop Art. Vintage and antique American Pop art have evolved as a technique to reverse the elitist and abstract movements by re-creating art. This genre was known in a wide international range as Capitalist Realism in Germany, Anti-Art in Japan, and Nouveau Réalisme in France. Eventually, vintage and antique Pop art went on to be one of the most recognized forms of modern art. Dealers and collectors continue to embrace Pop Art for sale created by prolific artists at auction houses, bringing in staggering and record-breaking sales for the genre. 

Quick Facts about Pop Art

  • Pop Art originated in England though New York was the hub. 

  • Pop Art drew on images and symbols.