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  • Morton Subastas

    Morton Subastas

  • Pook & Pook

    Pook & Pook

  • Hindman


  • Rago


  • Rafael Osona<br />Auctions

    Rafael Osona

  • New Haven<br />Auctions

    New Haven

  • Stair


  • Bonham-Skinner


  • Coeur d’Alene

    Coeur d’Alene

  • Palm Beach<br />Auctions

    Palm Beach

  • Copley


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Our Story

Launched in September 2014, Bidsquare has flourished into an active community of auction houses, antique dealers and collectors looking to modernize the art and auction world. Six renowned auction houses paved the way for Bidsquare to become the premier, online platform for real-time bidding on the best fine art and antiques. With over $500M worth of bids already placed through the platform and over 100 premier auction houses and dealers, Bidsquare’s reach as an online auction marketplace has quickly expanded toward a global audience.

What people are saying about Bidsquare

Bidsquare experience review by Alex Kalita of Common Bond Design

...The bidding system (and alert system when you’re outbid) is very user-friendly. As a designer, I have to say that the quality of the presentation is my favorite component (of Bidsquare).

Interior Designer

Alex Kalita of Common Bond Design
Bidder using Bidsquare since September 2014 share his experience when buying 20th Century glass

I’m constantly looking for 20th Century glass to add to my collection. Bidsquare is my first and favorite stop. The site is user friendly, easy to navigate, and has the most beautiful art and antiques from the best auction houses all in one place.

Margo L.

Bidsquare buyer since September 2014
Peggy S. reviews on bidsquare

I do love the variety and consistently good quality of sellers/auction houses on bidsquare. I am supposed to be downsizing my collections, then I discovered Bidsquare...oh well.

Peggy S.