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  • Mennecy or St. Cloud Snuffbox and Hinged Cover of a Recumbent Monk
    $600 - $800

    Mennecy or St. Cloud Snuffbox and Hinged Cover of a Rec...

    $600 - $800
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Initially designed as a container for ground tobacco, a snuff bottle was first created for the emperor in the early 18th century in China. Because tobacco dries out when exposed to air, these boxes were devised to be airtight, featured with strong hinges and adequate space for two day’s worth of tobacco. Gradually, this bottle emerged as a symbol of status and was produced in a much greater quantity. Snuff bottles come in diverse designs. One of the most popular pieces was inside-painted snuff bottles.

While this style of painting the interior started at the dawn of the 16th century, these pieces earned wide acclaim during the Qing period. Another example of vintage and antique snuff bottles is a carved jade piece. This particular carved design is often embellished with a landscape design. Snuff bottles can be found in a myriad of materials including Jadeite, gold, ivory, silver, Peking glass, Agate, Famille rose, and more. Snuff box’s lids were also decorated with a classical vignette or a portrait, with the use of several subtle hues of gold. Interested Asian art collectors can explore the full auction listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

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