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It came to me like an unthinkable apparition...the sheer exactness of it all! I felt bamboozled...simply wide eyed!

I am talking about the hypnotically decorated New York City townhouse of Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka that I stumbled upon this week. When he isn't winning Tony Awards, filming hit television shows or popping up in movies, Neil Patrick Harris is doing magic. Not only does he serve as the President of the Board of Directors of Hollywood's Magic Castle and performs his own tricks - he collects.

Even if you haven't seen Casablanca, you've probably quoted it. The famous phrase, "Here's looking at you, kid" that we find ourselves smoothly reciting, was originally ad-libbed by Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) in the most iconic romantic melodrama ever filmed. The timeless classic continues to sweep starry-eyed viewers off of their feet and should one of them happen to be you, we found the perfect chair to catch your fall.