Tribal Art

The vintage and antique tribal art has long been influenced by the idea of the “noble savage”. It includes fine art, furniture, and artifacts that are created with age-old tradition and craftsmanship. Historically, these skills have been passed on from father to son for thousands of years. While many of the tribe’s artworks have been developed by the influences of the Mughal and the British, some continue to follow their own traditional practices. One example of tribal art that has remained true to its roots are the works by the Santhal tribe.

They use hand-processed paper as a canvas and paint them with natural colors from plants. Their artworks are very realistic and extraordinary, particularly in the form of traditional art. In the Neolithic Age, the art practices of the Warli Tribe were quite remarkable as well. They refused to get influenced by the modern lifestyle. However, one thing that has stayed immutable is their theme. Moreover, the Toda tribe are involved in two art forms such as rock mural painting and embroidery.

Their whole livelihood depends on these significant art forms. New research by Artkhad and Art Analytics exploring the tribal art market from 2000 to 2015 has highlighted its rising popularity in auction sales. However, as people migrate to the urban area, tribal art on sale has become relatively rare to find. You can find the preserved vintage and antique tribal art at an auction on Bidsquare.

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