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A weathervane or a weathercock is a device that is used for revealing the way of the wind. It is kept at the tallest point of a house. Although it is a functional object it is used for decoration purposes. Many weathervanes are made in various animal shapes or other shapes with a pointing device. The weathervane was invented around the 2nd century in both China and Greece at the same time. The oldest weathervane design was of the rooster. Many churches as well used weathervanes that were in the shape of their saints.

The historic weathervanes and decorative pointers while the modern weathervanes have a simple arrow.The weathervanes on the roof were linked to the senior official’s room mechanically which helped the officers to always get information about the direction of the wind. The main reason why the weathervane is kept on the highest location is that there would be no interference to catch the purest breezes. In America, the weathervanes that appeared in the colonial times became the tradition there. Most of the antique and vintage weathervanes are made in the shape of roosters because the tails of roosters are the best shape to catch the wind.

However, the designs can be found in various shapes as the popularity of weather vanes grew more people started creating many different designs. One can find antique and vintage weathervanes at online auction for sale. One of the best places to visit to find the best weathervanes online can be Bidsquare. Weathervanes for sale are some of the antique and vintage weathervanes at various auction online platforms.