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Historically, vanities were produced as a box, which was designed to hold beautifying products. They were mainly known for their minimalistic, simple designs. A vanity featuring soft colors and simple lines will make a perfect option for those who adore simplicity. Although, it was only in the late nineteenth century that furniture such as dressers, desks, and vanities became a suitable component of the bedroom.

At that time, these furniture pieces were found in several popular styles such as Rococo style, Renaissance style, Elizabethan style, Colonial style, and Gothic style. Among these, a stand out vintage and antique design of the period was Chippendale style. Later, in the early twentieth century, the Art Deco era emerged where luxurious vanities and dressers came to represent Western glamour. Their designs represented various new styles from Industrial designer Raymond Loewy, Postmodernist Michael Graves, and Contemporary designer Choi Byung Hoon. Picking out a perfect dresser, table and vanities could turn out to be challenging. That’s why, Bidsquare online auctions offer you the best deals with the highest qualities of desks including Burl Wood Desk, Kneehole Desk, Secretary Desk etc, dressers, and vanities on sale. Our collection of modern, vintage and antique dressers, desks, and vanities is sure to complement your home decor.