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The earliest history about why humans started wearing clothes has never been proved by scientists. But according to the record of human history, it is believed that humans started wearing clothes a long time ago and most of the clothes were made up of leaves and other natural resources that were available. During the beginning, the humans either tied or wrapped the clothes. The first sweeping needles were made up of bones. Most of the dyed fabric that we use today is seen in the various prehistoric caves in different places. From the late times, people produced their clothes according to their cultures. One of the types of clothing is a costume. A costume is a type of dress of an individual or of a group that indicates certain religions, ethnicity, and about their community. Traditionally the word costume was used to describe a type of clothing appropriate for certain occasions such as dancing costumes, riding costumes hunting costumes, and many more. The style and design of costumes vary from their community and tradition. Many things were included in costumes and one of them was masks. A mask is a type of object usually worn on the face for various purposes such as performance, disguise, protection, or entertainment. Masks during late times were mostly used for any kind of ritual or ceremonial purpose. Many antique maks made during late times were not used for wearing but for other various purposes such as rituals. Antique and vintage clothing, costumes, and masks for sale are available on various online platforms at online auctions. Bidsquare would be a place one would like to visit for various antique and vintage clothing, costumes, and masks online for the best deal. Clothing, costumes, and masks at auction are available for sale in our collection.