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As well as learning about their role in shaping modern surgical techniques, examining medical equipment and procedures used in early surgery is fascinating, both for the way they laid the foundation for modern surgical procedures and for the master craftsmanship used to make medical equipment. In the days before sterilization, early surgical instruments were developed in response to observations of injury, disease, and other ailments. In addition to being functional, they were beautiful as well, crafted with an array of materials, including ivory, tortoiseshell, ebony, pearl, and sterling silver.

As far as collectibles go, antique and vintage medical equipment is one of the most plentiful and inexpensive. Using the Bidsquare medical equipment online auction platform, it is easier to purchase antique medical equipment in your own way. Besides, we offer you a wide selection on our robust online market. From the very beginning to the mid-20th century, our medical equipment auction featured instruments and artifacts pertaining to several different subjects. Interested buyers can inquire about the following items or collections:

·         Equipment used in diagnostics

·         Instruments used in obstetrics and gynecology

·         Instruments for surgery, including sets for amputations

·         Therapy/functional aids such as spectacles and ear trumpets

·         Antique dental instruments & other items related to dentistry

·         An antique collection of medicine chests, drug jars, and other items related to pharmaceuticals, chemists, and apothecaries

Old surgical tools continue to be one of the most popular types of vintage medical equipment. Standard vintage surgical kits typically include tools, such as scalpels, forceps, surgical scissors, and retractors. Scalpels, bone saws, and items like these are highly sought after by collectors for the creepy quality they have. Furthermore, sets of surgical equipment from almost any decade generally have a higher value than their individual pieces, primarily because they consist of many pieces and are generally more attractive.

Due to their popularity as collectibles, syringes are classified separately. Injectable tools have been manufactured for centuries by Americans, Germans, English, and French, among others. Even today, the tools that helped their ancestors endure that pain remain popular. Syringes with needles intact in their cases are especially popular with collectors. Historically, multi-use needles were scarce by the mid 20th century, which makes them a valuable collector's item.

The Medical Accessories category includes all the equipment and supplies needed to practise general medicine. A quick and entertaining collectible is anything from tongue depressors and gauze packets to pen lights.

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