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Mid century and 20th century bookcases have a long history, starting from the Renaissance period. In the 16th century, bookshelves started being placed in libraries, replacing the unsatisfactory lectern system that had been adopted from monasteries. At this period, bookcases were commonly known as the press. They featured chains as a means of securing books, which was phased out in the eighteenth century.

Today, they are found in simplistic and minimal designs to suit your needs. Though bookcases can occupy a large portion of the property, they can be a central focus in your room. To make sure it complements your room, you must be mindful of the placement of these modern and mid century bookcases. You can join two identical bookcases together which helps to tie the setting together or you can place them on either side of the TV and fireplaces.

Styling bookcases can be hard and because it draws attention, we sometimes over complicate it. You can simply decorate your bookcases with minimal items such as some books, framed pictures, and artworks, or some fresh plants. Arranging your books by color can add to the aesthetic vibe of your interior. You can also style your decorative items by placing some in front and some closer to the back. Bidders can explore a wide variety of bookshelf at auction with respect to their personal preferences. Bidsquare’s online auctions offers several modern, mid century and victorian bookcases for sale with high-quality craftsmanship. Some of the finest bookcases featured on sale are designed by artists such as Alphonse Mattia, Wendell Castle, and more.