Automobilia spanning the pre-war and post-war period continue to attract the interest of collectors, drawn by the iconic designs, great car makers, and heroic drivers of the time. Antique automobilia and vintage automobilia auctions on Bidsquare feature an exquisite array of the finest and nostalgic classics of automotive collectibles that finds a loyal following of collectors. From memorabilia, gas station items, race posters, hood mascots, signage, and other motoring paraphernalia and ephemera, the auctions are a collector’s delight. 

Antique Automobilia and Vintage Automobilia Auctions

By their very nature, these classic items of automobilia evoke excitement and adventure among collectors and achieve impressive prices at antique automobilia and vintage automobilia auctions.  Among the top contenders vying for collectors’ attention on Bidsquare vintage and antique automobilia for sale are the obvious celebrities including Chevrolet, Mopar, Dodge, and numerous classic vehicles. 

The current market of automobilia is witnessing an upward trend as both the serious collectors as well as the general audiences take an active interest in automobilia pieces, creating an expanding market for well-preserved classic pieces.

Quick Facts on Automobilia

  • There are 1 billion cars currently in use in the world. 
  • An average car has 30,000 parts.
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