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Rare and Unique collectibles continue to attract collectors’ interests, elevating the prices of even the most mundane items and setting world records at auctions as always. 

There are different categories of rare antiques featured on the Bidsquare auctions that set record prices - fine artwork, precious gems, rare manuscripts as well as all manner of weird and unusual items having the common characteristic of being rare. And it’s these unique antiques from the most diverse array of sellers that fetch large sums at auctions.

With the only one-of-its-kind artworks to extreme oddities, the auction world is known to host the rarest collectibles for sale, a world made for the curious. These scintillating and unique auctions for the sale of antiques go for attractive prices from bidders and buyers alike.  

Bidsquare offers priceless and rare antiques for sale including jewelry and artwork, timeless memorabilia and other rare collectibles only to be found at its prestigious auctions.

Rare and Unique Auctions Quick facts:

  • Marilyn’s infamous dress : The dress that Marilyn wore in the 1955 flick Seven-Year Itch sold at a whopping $4.6m in 2011 by Debbie Reynolds. 
  • Action Comics No. 1 : The first comic to feature Superman himself went under the hammer for a cool $3.2m on eBay in 2011.