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A carnival is a curious amalgamation of both circus and amusement park features to set aside the daily humdrum existence and experience a heightened sense of social cohesion. The antique and vintage carnival art collection on the Bidsquare auction includes a wide range of carnival art supplies and accessories, including carnival drawings, carnival paintings, and carnival posters used as promotions of circus and traveling carnivals of yesteryears. Besides, the auction also features sculptures, masks, and other pieces of folk art related to various public celebrations of major events or used to mark an important community event.  

Carnivals have always been a great source for people to give way to a brilliant display of creativity and folk art.  The folk art so created does not necessarily have to fulfill either decorative or utilitarian purposes. The visual art aspect of folk art reflects the culture of a community within a popular tradition. Examples of carnival artworks also include fabric dolls and marionettes reflecting the different cultural celebrations or important events of communities. 

The antique and vintage carnival artworks on display at the Bidsquare auction capture your imagination as they tell stories of years gone by.  A collection of carnival masks make for impressive collectibles for display as artwork on the wall to create a bold statement. The brightly colored caricatured masks of carnival continue to enthrall as collectors go to great lengths to find the scarcest antique and vintage memorabilia at online auctions.

Quick Facts on Carnival Art :

  • The term ‘carnival’ comes from the Latin expression ‘carne vale’, which means ‘farewell to meat’.
  • The samba schools in Brazil are judged on their elaborate floats, costumes, dancing, and music.