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In technical definition, comics are the tools that are used to express ideas with the help of images, combined texts, or any other visual information. However, comics in real life are entertainment pieces that have been friends and literature for millions of minds all around the world. Often the images used in comics are in cartoon form, because of which they manage to create imaginative and compelling stories.

Some of the common types of image forms used in such books are comic strips, gag cartoons, and so on. The creation of comics can be traced back to ancient Rome and Egypt, however, they grew popular in the 20th century. Meanwhile, online comics such as webcomics only started gaining recognition in the 21st century. One of the antique and vintage comics that was highly popular back in the day was ‘The Adventure of Tintin’. It was written by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi and ran from 1929 – ‎1976. As of the 21st century, many popular comics have been a source of adaptation for extremely popular and successful movies. Comics, which are also known as manga in Japan, come with lots of genres such as superhero, horror, science fiction, romance, and many more.

The genre superhero became popular in the late 1930s. Antique and vintage comics are rare and very hard to find. But now they are available on various online auctions for sale. Comics at auction can be found in various places but one of the places to visit to get comics for sale is Bidsquare. Our platform presents some of the vintage comics online at the auction for sale. Visit our page for those antique and vintage comics for sale at an online auction.