• Apr 20,2018 | 10:01 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    There is such a thing as the right place at the right time, between the right people. It is the potency of these ''right'' moments that vary in directional degree and spin on with unpredictable torque - sometimes fast tracks can open up. When Jim Walrod was sixteen years old, he crossed the Hudson River from New Jersey to find a summer job in New York City - Bloomingdales would decline to hire him as their stock boy. That same day, the ambitious, redheaded boy wandered down the street thinking of how and who to ask next; a question that the magnetism of Manhattan would take care of for him.  While passing by the origina... Read More
  • Apr 18,2018 | 05:56 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    The spring auction season has officially begun! When our seas are populated with a bounty of items as rich as this, we start hooking unforgettable (sometimes unusual) items, from a multitude of genres, to admire. With our auction antennas operating on full blast, we're reeling in lots that are anything but ordinary.   In this week's Bidsquare Picks, the wild things are calling: Lot 687, Andy Warhol, Endangered Species, 10 Screenprints, 1983; Estimate $30,000 - $50,000 The auction floor is going to be quaking! Rago's Post War & Contemporary sale on May 5th, welcomes a vibrant stampede of prints by Andy ... Read More
  • Apr 13,2018 | 12:41 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    They came swooping in from out of nowhere. A colony of copper-red bats, painted upon two delicate Chinese bowls, squeaked a powerful sonar signal loud enough for human ears. Described as a 'Pair of Youngzheng Style Porcelain Loving Bowls,' in Rago's Remix: Contemporary + Classic on April 7th, the pair of unassuming vessels caught the attention of several Asian art collectors who continued to trade bids until a high estimate of $1,500 turned into a $102,400 bombshell. The winning bid, placed and secured through Bidsquare, was just one of many highlights seen from the platform that day. Lot 2194, Pair of Youngzheng Sty... Read More
  • Apr 12,2018 | 08:26 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    If you hand a cassette player to a sixteen-year-old, chances are they won't know what it is, or even how to open it - forget about flipping the tape over and holding down rewind. It's strange to imagine that this pattern of invention and obsolescence has been the true mark of technological progression for centuries. How long will it take before the next cycle of confusion begs the question 'what was this used for?' - I'm nominating the salad spinner as an amusing chin-tapper for future anthropologists.  Skinner's upcoming Clocks, Watches & Scientific Instruments sale on April 20th is latent with items of... Read More
  • Apr 11,2018 | 07:48 EDT By Anthony Wu, Asian Specialist
    The March edition of Asian Art auctions just wrapped up and there were many astonishing pieces on display! This season saw the sale of major items from China, Japan, Korea, India and the Himalayan region, all offered through Bidsquare. Artwork from China continues to be the top sellers, but there were many surprises from other Asian regions. By far the biggest highlight was a Korean Eight-Panel Folding Screen, Yojiyeondo, presented as lot 514 at Skinner’s Asian Works of Art Auction on March 16th. Lot 514, Eight-panel Folding Screen, Yojiyeondo, Korea, 19th century; Sold for $405,900 With a conservative estimate at $5,000-$7,000, th... Read More
  • Apr 09,2018 | 11:46 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    We know how exciting it feels to dive, high estimates first, into a new auction catalog to admire upcoming showstoppers - it's how you know what to watch out for during the live sale! However, if you only browse the big shots you could accidentally overlook the little steals hiding in the back.  In this week's Bidsquare Picks, we're plucking fresh finds with estimates of $500 or less: Lot 314, Lancaster County, Painted Plank Seat Chairs, 19th Century; Estimate $400 - $500 If you're looking to update your dining room but don't want to completely redecorate, swapping out your chairs might just do the trick! Th... Read More
  • Apr 04,2018 | 10:02 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    It's often suggested that people forget to be thankful for the "little things in life." Sometimes, those "things" are really, really little. So little, in fact, that they can fit on the tip of pen - precisely because that's exactly what we're talking about! Image detail of Lot 69, Three Sailor Fountain Pens | Brunk Auctions We've come a long way since our thoughts were being meticulously knocked into clay tablets. Evidence of using sharpened writing implements with ink, such as reed pens and feather quills, date as far back as the 7th Century and can be found on ancient scriptures such as the Dead... Read More
  • Apr 03,2018 | 12:21 EDT By Rago
    Humanity’s love of silver is well documented. Archeologists have discovered examples of silver ornamentation dating to 4000 B.C. Odds are good that there are examples of silver ornamentation among your possessions, as well. But what do you know about this alluring metal? And what factors determine the worth of objects shaped from and adorned by it? The following blog is informed by a presentation delivered by Jenny Pitman, formerly the silver department director at Christie’s and currently Rago’s representative in Westchester and Connecticut, at the Historical Society of Princeton in March of 2018. Lot 2012, Georg Jense... Read More
  • Apr 02,2018 | 12:02 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    Having a concrete idea of ones likes and dislikes can seem the most practical approach when seeking out new home accessories and furnishings. Its never been easier to filter, navigate and click straight toward your taste - sometimes the internet even appears to find more options for you (a creepy yet convenient happenstance). However, what if your usual patterns are causing you to overlook styles you didn't yet know you'd love?  In this week's Bidsquare Picks, we urge you to disrupt your search data and crisscross around our upcoming catalogs. When browsing for antiques and vintage designs, you don't have to feel held do... Read More
  • Mar 30,2018 | 07:22 EDT By Bidsquare
    Mrs. Ruth Bryson was a widely distinguished antiques dealer and collector in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Her expertise was unmistakable, noted by the exceptional personal collection of antiques she leaves behind following her death in July 2017. On Saturday, April 14th Pook & Pook Inc. will exhibit and share her private collection with an auction of unparalleled quality, comprising of just over 300 lots in their sale, The Ruth Bryson Collection, Quarryville, PA.  Lot 190, Jacob or Jonas Weber, Painted dresser box, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Mid 19th c; Estimate $12,000 - $18,000 Born in 1929 in Quarryville, Pennsylvania,... Read More