• Dec 07,2018 | 12:33 EST By Anthony Wu, Asian Specialist
    On December 11, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers from Chicago will be selling the Estate of William Lipton. Over the past 25 years Lipton had one of the most recognizable Manhattan art galleries.  Lipton’s diverse collecting taste is evident in this auction. Comprising of 457 decorative works of art and paintings from the Americas, Europe and East Asia, the sale features numerous highlights including an early 20th Century Dagobert Peche Austrian silver footed bowl (lot 245) and a circa 1955 rocking armchair by the Brazilian modernist Joaquim Tenreiro (lot 393). However, most of the star pieces can be found in the Chinese section of the sale with its wide assortment of scholar objects, furniture, textiles, Buddhist sculptures, ceramics, and reference books.  Lot 103, Liu Dan, Green Parrot and Red Parrot, ink and color on paper; Estimate $80,000-$... Read More
  • Dec 04,2018 | 10:34 EST By Fortuna Auctions
    Though many things on earth are considered rare, natural blue diamonds are truly among the rarest of the rare. Leading Fortuna’s upcoming December 6th Magnificent Jewels Auction, is a spectacular 3.05 carat Fancy Intense Blue diamond ring. Offered for sale from a private Asian collection, this exceptionally rare diamond is a pear-shaped cut, with even color saturation, and a clarity grade of SI2. It is accompanied by a 2018 certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. As with all natural fancy colored diamonds, color hue and intensity are the top priorities when it comes to determining value. While the clarity grade is still an important factor, it is the color that makes these diamonds the most rare and valuable of all gemstones. Occurring in less than 0.02% of diamonds mined, blue diamonds gain their color from the presence of ... Read More
  • Nov 28,2018 | 17:44 EST By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    It's official. Television commercials for The Grinch (the new animated movie and the Broadway musical) are circulating during prime time, flights are being delayed, Michael Bublé is back to serenading everyone and their mother, and Black Friday has just tripped the gift buying alarm. If you’re one of the many people just realizing that December is only a few days away, don’t panic – we tailored this gift guide just for you. Here are 15 wearable wonders coming up for auction starting at or below $500. 1. Louis Vuitton, Monogram Canvas Tote Bag; Starting at $100 2. Hermes Bamboo/Rouge Epsom Leather and Gold H Belt; Starting at $75 3. A Yellow Gold 'Circe' Ring, Georges Braque for Heber de Lowenfeld,1960s; Starting at $500 4. A Pair of Gucci Tortoiseshell Sunglasses; Starting at $40 5. Hermés "Brise De Charme" Silk Scarf; Starting at $125... Read More
  • Nov 26,2018 | 15:56 EST By Rago
    Automaton – 1. (n) a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances. 2. (n) moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being. A seemingly modern invention, automatons have in fact been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. These first devices served a variety of functions from the practical, such as alarm clocks and automatic doors, to the purely entertaining, as the case with “The Automatic Servant of Philo” - a humanoid automaton that would pour wine into any glass placed in its “hand”. ”The Automatic Servant of Philo,” widely considered to be the first ‘robot’ – currently on display at the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Athens, Greece Overtime, these relatively simple mechanisms evolved,... Read More
  • Nov 20,2018 | 16:17 EST By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    There are the things we buy ourselves during the year that give us a little jolt of excitement - we casually add life's luxuries to our closets, foyers and kitchen cabinets with glee. However, nothing quite compares to the objects we desire during the holidays. It's not just that gifts are a tiny-bit (or a lot-a-bit) more lavish, but they hold the memories attached to our seasonal festivities and render back to a specific sentiment. Holiday gifts, given or received, have a way of capturing who we were and what was happening during that special time of year.  So, whether you are eagerly waiting for your turkey to come out of the oven, or if you're already comatose from a cranberry sauce overload, you can enjoy the leisurely activity of clicking and scrolling through our auctions in search of your next glorious gift! For those of you who are ... Read More
  • Nov 16,2018 | 12:56 EST By Anthony Wu, Asian Specialist
    New to Bidsquare is Stunning Arts Gallery and Auction from Toronto, Canada. On November 24th, they will feature their Estate Asian Art Auction. This sale will showcase over 200 lots of Chinese Art including paintings, jade carvings, porcelain, furniture, jewelry, and Buddhist sculptures.  Lot 194, Li Keran, Waterfall, Watercolor on paper; Estimate $50,000-$80,000 The top item from this auction is lot 194, a depiction of waterfall by Chinese modernist master Li Keran (1907-1989). Trained by the renowned Lin Fengmian (1900-1991), Li was an instructor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where he taught traditional Chinese painting fused with Western techniques. Li was mostly known for his depictions of buffalos and boats, but his landscapes also caught the attention of Chinese art institutions and collectors during the mid 20th Cen... Read More
  • Nov 09,2018 | 17:22 EST By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    There is an unmistakable buzz that begins to ripple through the city once dawn sets over the Park Avenue Armory, hours before the opening of The Salon Art + Design show. Those of us who roam the exhibition early (while vacuums collect last minute crumbs and spotlights are tightened just a touch) can taste the fantasia of anticipation emanating off of the exquisite assembly of objects waiting to be admired. Representing the world's finest galleries in historical, modern, emerging and contemporary furniture, as well as late 19th through 21st century art, the Salon Art + Design retains a level of refinement and invention that leaves something for every taste, mood and style. It is filled to the brim with unexpected "aha moments" and familiar favorites; a superb Warhol soup box hangs adjacent from an ancient marble statue of Hercules while taxi... Read More
  • Nov 08,2018 | 12:55 EST By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    It's garbage! As odd as it sounds, ceramicist Victor Spinski considered himself most successful when his artwork was easily mistaken for trash. As a matter of fact, he was known to spend hundreds of hours on a single sculpture just to be sure of it.  A wizard of tromp l'oeil and avant-garde ceramics in the 1960's, Victor Spinski built a specialized name for himself out of clay. His hyper realistic glazing and building techniques manipulated clay into a multitude of objects, many of which assumed completely opposite materials and textures to that of ceramics; cakes on plates, spilled styrofoam coffee cups, used paint cans, cardboard teapots and more.  Lot 2190, Victor Spinski, Trash Can with Banana Peel, Painted and glazed ceramic, 1977; Estimate $3,000 - $5,000 On November 16th, Millea Bros, Ltd. will feature one of Spinski's grand illusio... Read More
  • Nov 02,2018 | 16:55 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg
    We know you don't need reminding...but the holidays are right around the corner, and before we start talking gifts, let's discuss seating arrangements. Whether your adding extra chairs around the dinner table or improving post-meal relaxation for your guests, there comes a time when updating the chairs in ones home seems necessary. I don't want to get stuck with the folding chair that's been gradually losing boards and nails every year and neither should you! To help you envision the different styles of thrones that you and your relatives could be sitting on, we sifted through our upcoming November catalogs to make it easier. Lot 404, Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller, "LCW" chair, aniline-dyed birch, USA, 1945; Buy Now for $896.00 If you're looking for instant satisfaction, mosey over to Rago's Passed Lots: Tribal Art, Remix, The Coll... Read More
  • Nov 01,2018 | 13:19 EDT By Rago
    The art colony of New Hope, PA is a small community with a broad reach that produced some of Pennsylvania’s most celebrated Impressionists, including Walter Emerson Baum, Fern Isabel Kuns Coppedge, Nancy Maybin Ferguson, John Fulton Folinsbee, George W. Sotter and Robert Spencer. Coming to Rago’s Fine Art Auctions on November 10th is a block of locally consigned works by these notable Pennsylvania artists, each fresh-to-market. Lot 121, George William Sotter, Winter Night (Artist's Studio) Oil on canvas; Estimate $70,000 - $100,000 This large, untitled night scene by George W. Sotter depicts the artist’s studio from above, an angle which he could only have imagined. It is a Sotter masterwork: a keen demonstration of the artist’s ability to make the darkness light, gilding a cold, blue winter night with the glow of the moon. Lot 132, Fern ... Read More