What to Look For When Buying Antique Paintings for Sale

Jul 14,2022 | 14:00 EDT By Bidsquare

Buying antique paintings for sale can be a hit or miss situation: you can either end up with a true antique or go home to find that you’ve overpaid for a forgery. So, what do you need to know before you bid on antique artworks? First things first! Not every online seller is created equal. If you buy antique paintings from a vetted platform like Bidsquare, you can be much more certain about the quality of goods you're purchasing as well as the reputation of the auction house you’re buying them from.    An example of a famous forgery | John Myatt’s copy of Oleanders, after Vincent Van Gough, 2021 | Courtesy of Washington Green Fine Art. A forgery purposefully exhibited in Treasures on Trial by Delaware’s Winterthur Museum in 2018. If you do decide to buy antique art elsewhere then there’s just three steps you need to follow to make sure...Read More

5 Things To Know Before Bidding in a Live Online Auction

Jul 12,2022 | 14:00 EDT By Bidsquare

Shopping and bidding in live online auctions is a great way to find modern, antique, and vintage collectors items that you couldn’t otherwise source yourself. Online dealers and auction houses are constantly consigning and stitching together all manner of goods to offer at auction, whether it’s timeless Chanel bags you’re hunting for or fresh home office accutroments - online auctions appeal to all design styles and interest types providing unparalleled variety. If you’ve always wanted to try bidding in a live online auction, we’re here to help you navigate the basic rules of participation. How To: Live Auction Bidding Online 1. Save Your Favorite Items With thousands of furnishings, fashion accessories, artworks and collectibles available to browse on Bidsquare, it’s important not to lose track of something you’re interested in. We ...Read More

Rare Swiss Automaton Pocket Watch To Be Auctioned at Case Antiques

Jun 28,2022 | 09:00 EDT By Bidsquare

On July 9-10, Case Antiques will host their, Summer Fine Art and Antique Auction - Day 1 & 2, featuring 1200+ items from Southern estates and collections. Included in the sizable auction, on Day 1, is what many would consider to be the very definition of a marvel. Lot 39, The (Dutch) Kitchen Automaton Pocket Watch Attributed to Pierre-Simon Gounouilhou (France/Switzerland, 1779-1847) Coming up at Case Antiques, July 9. 2022 Attributed to Pierre-Simon Gounouilhou (France/Switzerland, 1779-1847), Lot 39, a rare Swiss double, open-face automaton pocket watch, depicts a highly detailed Dutch kitchen - the degree to which recaptures ones imagination and concept of a moment in time. Online bidding will be available live online via Bidsquare. The auction catalog further describes the timepiece:  - 18K gold surround and stem, enamels, brass,...Read More

Timeless Collectibles You Can Win from Live Online Auctions

Jun 24,2022 | 12:00 EDT By Bidsquare

You know it when you see it. That “thing” you’ve been looking for online has finally emerged in your search (it only took a dozen word combinations and several half-watched Hulu episodes to describe it, but aha!) With so many methods of online shopping at your disposal, it’s a wonder why searching for the items you want can still feel so…clunky…but, what if you didn’t have to get so granular with Google all the time? Online auctions offer another way to shop and, in a great many ways, provide a browsing experience that has enriching effects on your search bar superpowers. Flipping through online auctions can actually help you zero in on the styles, price points, and types of items you’re looking to purchase now or later down the road.      In fact, there are thousands of interesting finds floating around in online auction catalogs rig...Read More

A Note From Asian Specialist, Anthony Wu: AAPI Heritage Month

May 27,2022 | 13:00 EDT By Anthony Wu, Asian Specialist

Bidsquare is honored to continue covering Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. AAPI Heritage Month takes place during the month of May and celebrates Asian American’s longstanding contributions to the United States.  The scope of AAPI Heritage Month is quite wide and represents over 23 million Americans. As many of you have read my past Bidsquare articles, I mainly focus on writing about Asian art, with objects originating from China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia and the Himalayan region. AAPI Heritage Month holds special meaning for me since I myself immigrated to Canada (not quite the USA but close enough!) back in 1983 from Hong Kong. It was through my study of Asian art that really connected me to my Asian roots. My work in this field in Canada and the USA for nearly twenty years has given me a deeper sense of my...Read More

In Appreciation of Toshiko Takaezu, Japanese-American Ceramic Artist, Mother of Moon Pots: AAPI Heritage Month

May 13,2022 | 13:00 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Bidsquare is proud to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month: Asian American and Pacific Islanders or (AAPI) are an integral part of the American cultural mosaic, representing over 23 million people and encompassing approximately 50 ethnic groups and over 100 spoken languages, with connections to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Hawaiian, and other Asian and Pacific Islander ancestries. What initially started as a commemorative week, the first ten days of May, was expanded by Congress in 1992 to encompass a month long celebration (AAPI Heritage Month) to recognize the emigration of the first Japanese Americans on May 7, 1843, and to honor the Chinese Americans who contributed to the transcontinental railroad which was completed on May 10, 1896. Now, the month of May is dedicated to the recognition of all AAPI and represents ...Read More

Work From Home: Decor To Help Boost Your Daily Mood

Mar 30,2022 | 13:00 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg

It’s clear that a dramatic and likely permanent shift in the workplace landscape has occurred over the past two years - the workplace, “place” now being one’s home.  This normalized change, of working from home, has highlighted the importance of carefully considered interiors and alternative design choices, some of which can have an emotional and physical effect on remote and hybrid workers. Although the idea of a positive work environment is not entirely new, the concept of blending or smoothly dividing it within your home is. Avoiding burnout and added stresses that are brought on by staying at home, like a lack of variety and privacy, is essential for maintaining a healthy grip on and formula for a successful work/life balance.  Source - housebeautiful.com | Photo: Clary Bosbyshell We’ve compiled a list of small yet effective home d...Read More

Tips for Buying Your Engagement Ring at Auction

Mar 23,2022 | 10:00 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg

For such a small treasure, buying an engagement ring can feel like a big task. There are many factors to consider when purchasing an item meant to be cherished and possibly passed down for generations. This guide will help you navigate through what you need to know when buying an engagement ring at auction and clarify all of the options that are available to you. It may seem like a daunting task at first but there’s plenty of ways to enjoy the process! Before we begin, it’s worth noting that if you’re looking to surprise your fiancée with a ring, we recommend finding out their preferences before you begin seriously shopping around. Gem type, cut, style and background all play into picking the perfect ring.  Asking family and friends who know your fiancée can be a helpful resource as well as paying extra close attention to the jewelry yo...Read More

MassArt Runs First Hybrid Online Annual Fundraising Event with Bidsquare

Mar 21,2022 | 10:35 EDT By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Bidsquare is proud to virtually host the 33rd MassArt Auction - a highly anticipated, annual event made fully accessible, online, through two main events: the Live Auction, which will be held on Saturday, April 9 at 8:00 p.m. EDT, and will once again be conducted by Karen Keane, auctioneer and CEO of Skinner, as well as, a Timed/Silent Auction catalog, with online bidding open from March 21, 12pm EDT-April 10, 12pm EDT. This year's event will be held as a hybrid, where online bidding will run in parallel with in-person live bidding, an aspect which has been missing for the past two years due to the pandemic. MassArt will welcome guests back to the Design and Media Center on MassArt’s campus for the Live Auction on April 9, 2022 where the bidding will commence simultaneously in person and virtually on Bidsquare, register here to participat...Read More

Online Auctions Are Catching On - Here’s Why

Mar 08,2022 | 14:50 EST By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Buying antiques online can open up all kinds of new options for serious collectors and casual weekend pickers alike. The eclectic fun that online auctions have to offer is an attractive way to shop for all interest types - and it’s catching on. Last year, we interviewed Katherine, a new online art collector who bid on and won a Frank Stella print. She described how engaging it was for her to discover artworks she liked and how easy it was to place live bids in an online auction on Bidsquare. Even as a new collector, she identified that hunting for and winning the item she loved was one of the main reasons why online auctions attract new art collectors. Whether bargain hunting for a new home or seeking out specialty items you can’t find in local shops, online auctions are rife with a range of unpredictable possibilities and hidden gems. Now...Read More