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  • Chinese Jade and Hardstone Bonsai Tree
    $300 - $500

    Chinese Jade and Hardstone Bonsai Tree

    $300 - $500
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Asian Cloisonné is an ancient enameling technique that uses small metal wires and colorful enamels to produce unique artwork. Many coats of glass enamel are applied in raised cells to create designs. Then, the object is fired, and polished. The metal wire is sometimes replaced by gold, brass, silver, or copper strips. This technique is mostly used in the production of asian jewelry, chinese vases, abstract pottery, and dishes.

Mycenaean rings from the thirteenth century were the oldest aisan cloisonnés. cloisonné enameling was introduced between the 10th and 12th centuries, especially in the Byzantine Republic. The use of cloisonné started in the Near East, spread to the Byzantine Empire, and then extended to China, Korea, and Japan. In China, cloisonné was mass-produced during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The technique was also popular in Europe. It was originally used for jewelry, miniature items of clothing, weapons, and other small items with geometric or graphical patterns.

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