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A torch, a hammer, a paint brush or a camera; innovations in art and design can be forged on the tips of a fiery weld or developed and submerged in a tray of cold chemicals- it is often those who persist with the most passion and fervor that make their craft appear ever so simple. In the midsts of an auction, it's easy to forget the first block that these items passed; whether it be the midcentury drafting table of Mies Van Der Rohe or the industrial workbench of a young Louis Vuitton, a few minutes of bids can embody the significance of a lifetime's worth of achievements. 

For hundreds of years playing cards have been bringing people, young and old, together around tables. From competing at snap as a child, to all night poker games in college, to trying our luck at blackjack in Vegas, cards elicit memories involving friends, excitement and usually good times. Indeed, for many of us, playing cards are a reference point for the evolving phases of our lives. And while you might not have always won - sometimes it might even have been painful - but then isn't that element of chance the continuing source of their appeal?