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Nature Rules in Oakridge’s 4th Annual Fall Fine Asian Art & Antiques Auction

Aug 21,2020 | 17:00 EDT By Oakridge Auction Gallery

Snowy landscapes, stormy seas, and awesome waterfalls dominate the scene in Oakridge Auction Gallery’s 4th annual Fall Asian Fine Art & Antiques auction, scheduled for September 19-20, 2020 at 10 am EDT each day.

The two sessions, beginning with Ceramics & Works of Art on September 19 at 10am ET, followed by Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy on September 20 at 10am ET will feature several long-anticipated works of Chinese jade, porcelain, antique woodwork, painting, and calligraphy from Oakridge’s postponed Spring 2020 Fine Asian Art & Antiques auction.

Lot 299, Chinese Snow Scene Vase by He Xuren, Republic; Estimate $30,000-$50,000

Natural themes are evident throughout both sessions, such as in a Chinese Snow Scene Vase by He Xuren dating to the Republic Period, estimated at $30,000 – 50,000. He Xuren (1882-1940) was part of a group of prominent 20th century artists known collectively as the Zhu Shan Ba You, along with Liu Yucen, Wang Yiting, and Bi Botao. His porcelain snow scenes are distinctive for their reputed ability to convey a true sense of cold to the beholder. This bridge between nature and artisanry comes to Oakridge from a Philadelphia collection, brought to the United States from Hong Kong in the 1960s and 70s.

Lot 320, Chinese Gilt Table Stand of 18 Luohan, Qianlong; Estimate $20,000-$30,000

From winter landscapes, the auction progresses to the foamy waves of the sea in a Chinese Gilt Table Stand of 18 Luohan from the Qianlong Period, made of two gilded, cast bronze panels set in zitan wood. This Qing dynasty piece is part of the collection of General Xiang Hanping, known as the “Confucian General” for his dedication not only to military but also literary exploits. One side of the table stand shows the Luohan, or Arhats, protectors of the Buddhist faith, with mythical creatures, while on the other two sailboats cross a vast sea that stretches past the boundaries of the bronze plaque.

Detail of Lot 502, Chinese Painting of Scholar by Zhang Daqian; Estimate $35,000-$45,000

Session 2 showcases over 200 lots of Chinese paintings and calligraphy, with works by Zhang Daqian, Huang Binhong, and Wu Changshuo leading the lineup. Mountains, flowers, and lakesides rendered in classical and modern Chinese painting styles predominate, but most riveting is a Painting of Scholar by Zhang Daqian. The solitary scholar stands in the center of a mountain landscape before a roaring waterfall; his diminutive stature conveys without doubt the awesome power of the natural world and the relative unimportance of man. The painting dates to the autumn of 1934, when the artist was based in Suzhou and attests to the artist’s skill at rendering landscapes in the classical Chinese style.

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