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One hundred ‘fragments’ of Sir Peter Blake’s largest-ever artwork 
auctioned to raise money for COVID-19 charities

Jun 12,2020 | 11:20 EDT By LONDON Advertising

LONDON Advertising, in collaboration with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, is launching an online auction of 100 fragments of ‘Our fans’ by Peter Blake to raise money for the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO powered by the United Nations Foundation and Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and The Felix Project.

The original mural, the size of 38 London buses, was designed to cover the façade of Mandarin Oriental, London during its recent renovation, and featured 100 of the hotel’s most famous ‘fans’.

The original 'Our Fans' mural hanging outside the Mandarin Oriental, London

LONDON Advertising had the idea to give the poster a ‘second life’ by auctioning it to raise money for victims of Coronavirus. The Agency collaborated with Sir Peter to supervise the cutting of the poster into 100 ‘fragments’ of each person’s face, typically 1.2m x 2m, and who signed each unique piece.

The auction is being conducted on the specialist art online auction platform, Bidsquare, and will be live until midnight London time on June 26th. It can be accessed here.

LONDON Advertising CEO and Founder, Michael Moszynski, said:

“My partner and I created the Fan campaign for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group 21 years ago. We secured many of the world’s most renowned individuals to take part via a charity donation, so it seemed a natural fit to see what we could do with the ‘Mandarin Oriental Mural’ at this time of global crisis to help those who are most vulnerable. Sir Peter is one of our Fans and it is a great honour to be working with him again.

If you would like to own a unique piece of cultural history by the Grandfather of Pop Art, I would very much encourage you to bid generously!”

Jill Kluge, Chief Marketing Officer for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, added:

“Our award-winning advertising campaign simply and elegantly connects the Group’s well recognised symbol - the fan - with international celebrities who regularly stay at our hotels and are true fans of Mandarin Oriental. All of our fans are thanked for their participation in our campaign with a donation from Mandarin Oriental to the charity of their choice, and so we are delighted to support this tremendous idea to auction Peter Blake’s fine work of art for another good charitable cause.”

Sir Peter Blake commented:

“I’m very happy that the Mandarin Oriental Mural can be used a second time to raise money for such a wonderful purpose.”

By LONDON Advertising