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Rago and Wright are Joining Forces

Jun 11,2019 | 11:00 EDT By Rago

Two great independent auction brands, Rago in Lambertville, NJ and Wright in Chicago and New York are pleased to announce the merger of their business operations. Both houses will continue to operate under their individual names while sharing technology, expertise and marketing efforts.

Left to right: Richard Wright, CEO; David Rago, President; Suzanne Perrault, President

In the increasingly competitive auction market, the joint entity will have stronger reach and a broader team of specialists. With $65+ million in consolidated annual sales, the combined company has a team of 75 and more than a century of business experience. Rago’s broad expertise in art, jewelry, ceramics and estates and Wright’s focus on design and innovative presentation will be combined to better serve their clients and maintain a strong voice in the world of art and design.

As CEO of the combined companies, Richard Wright will work in tandem with Rago’s specialists to continue to bring new concepts to our auction platform. “I welcome the opportunity of working with a larger team,” says Richard, “our blended perspectives, geographic reach and experience will add to the great work we both currently do.”

“Elbert Hubbard, the Arts and Crafts era luminary, once said that the best business was done in cooperation, not competition,” says David Rago, President, “I’ve always believed in that and our merger with Wright presents us with a golden opportunity  to experience this in practice rather than theory.”

“We are all excited by the potential this merger represents,” says Suzanne Perrault, President, “particularly as it pertains to increased reach and exposure for our shared clientele, consignors and collectors alike. The mix of our two cultures, while similar, presents a fascinating challenge and offers a terrific opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally.”

By Rago