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The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, 2020

Jun 19,2020 | 09:00 EDT By The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction

The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, known for selling the highest-quality Western paintings and sculpture from historical and contemporary artists, is pleased to announce its 35th annual Western art auction, to be held July 25 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. With over $300 million in sales over the last 15 years, the auction has been hailed as “The Biggest and Most Successful Auction of Western Art” by the Wall Street Journal, and was named “The Most Important Annual Event for Collectors of Western Art” by the New York Times. Once again, the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction is certain to be the high point of the Western auction world.

Lot 134, Henry Farny (1847-1916) Nomads (1902) oil on canvas

Museum-quality paintings will cross the block, headlined by a pair of masterpieces by Henry Farny and Thomas Moran. Nomads, by Henry Farny, is considered to be the finest example of the artist’s work. Farny only did a handful of large oils, which makes the painting a once-in-a-lifetime collecting opportunity. Estimated at $1,500,000- 2,500,000, it comes from a private collection and has never been to auction. Green River, Wyoming is a magnificent oil by Thomas Moran. Painted in 1883, it has all the luminescence Moran was known for in one of his most sought- after subjects. Estimated at $1,000,000-1,500,000, the fresh-to-market painting is certain to generate fireworks in the room when it crosses the block.

Lot 152, Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952); The North American Indian, Portfolios 1-20; and Vols. 1-20; Stickley Brothers (early 20th cen) American Oak Book Cabinet

One of the most historically important lots ever featured at the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction will be offered with Edward Curtis’ The North American Indian, a significant portfolio of works cataloging every major Native American tribe west of the Mississippi. The lot, which includes Curtis’ personal American oak book cabinet designed to house the portfolio, carries a presale estimate of $1,500,000-2,500,000. The New York Herald hailed his study as “the most gigantic undertaking since the making of the King James edition of the Bible.” For its completion, the project required the assistance of a vast array of patrons – most notably, President Theodore Roosevelt (who wrote the foreword to The North American Indian) and famed financier J.P. Morgan – plus countless researchers, scientists, editors, master craftsmen, interpreters, tribal elders, and medicine men. Of the proposed 500 editions of The North American Indian, only 272 were realized – most of which remain in institutional collections.

Coeur d’Alene has long been the specialist in selling works by Charles M. Russell. Montana’s favorite artist has been a mainstay of the auction for decades, and this year features a large selection of his works. Blackfeet War Party showcases the high action Russell was known for, and is estimated at $200,000-300,000. It will be joined by Planning the Attack ($150,000-250,000), With a Good Hoss under Him ... ($150,000-250,000), Scout on Horseback ($60,000-90,000), along with other exemplary works.

The finest painting to come to market in decades by Edward Borein, Trail Boss, is a large watercolor, measuring 15 × 20 inches, and is considered to be his best work. It comes from a prominent single-owner collection of Boreins, and carries an estimate of $50,000-75,000. Additional historical works include E. William Gollings’ The Red Man’s Directions ($250,000-350,000); William Herbert Dunton’s The Cowpuncher ($100,0000-150,000); Frank Tenney Johnson’s Moonrise over the Mesa ($150,000-250,000); Edgar S. Paxson’s Buffalo Hunt ($60,000-90,000); Gerard Curtis Delano’s The Mountain Man ($250,000-350,000); Tom Lovell’s Trouble on the Overland Telegraph ($100,000-150,000); Harvey Dunn’s Midnight Posse ($60,000-90,000); and a rare bison bronze by Henry Shrady ($70,000-100,000). An important single-owner collection of over ten works by Olaf Seltzer will also be offered.

Lot 40, Victor Higgins, New Mexico Zinnias, oil on canvas

Taos artists have always been a mainstay of the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, and this year features rare works such as Victor Higgins’ New Mexico Zinnias ($200,000-300,000) and Ernest Blumenschein’s White Sun ($150,000- 250,000). Additional Taos works will include a fine group of paintings by Eanger Irving Couse. The Tobacco Bag ($100,000-150,000), Song of the Blue Aspens ($80,000-120,000), and The Butterfly ($80,000-120,000) will be sold, along with works including E. Martin Hennings’ Indians Crossing a Stream, Taos, New Mexico ($80,000- 120,000); Joseph Henry Sharp’s A Corn Dance ($30,000-50,000); Henry Balink’s Hopi Snake Dance ($30,000- 50,000); and Leon Gaspard’s Taos Drummers ($30,000-50,000).

Early Western landscapes include a masterwork by Birger Sandzén. Summer in the Mountains is a 60 × 80 inch oil, estimated at $300,000-500,000. It will be joined by other significant works, such as Edgar Payne’s Sierra Majesty ($150,000-250,000) and Mountain Lake ($40,000-60,000); Maynard Dixon’s Shifting Light on a Poplar ($30,000- 50,000); Thomas Hill’s Waterfall in the Rockies ($20,000-30,000); and Gunner Widforss’ Grand Canyon – Yavapai Point ($15,000-25,000).

Lot 31, Bob Kuhn (1920-2007) Bored to Tears (1994), acrylic on board

Sporting art is always a major focus of the auction, and this year’s offerings feature a major painting by Carl Rungius. Herd Bull is considered one of his best works, and has been in a private collection for decades. Estimated at $200,000-300,000, it is sure to generate spirited bidding. It will be joined by a group of exceptional works by Bob Kuhn, including Sunny Day, Cape Churchill ($60,000-90,000) and Bored to Tears ($30,000-50,000), the latter of which is a rare red fox painting. In addition, a large collection of eleven works by David Shepherd will be sold, including Serengeti Skies and Twenty Five Thirsty Elephants, both estimated at $30,000-50,000, respectively.

Unique to the sale is a very important collection of paintings by Richard Schmid, many of which were recently featured in the museum exhibition The Masterworks of Richard Schmid at Mark Arts in Wichita, Kansas. New Preston Falls II ($100,000-150,000), The Irish Sea ($40,000-60,000), and Apples ($40,000-60,000) are a few of the offerings. The 20th century realm will be rounded out by works such as G. Harvey’s Moments of Glory ($80,000- 120,000); Clark Hulings’ Old Lady in Black – Valencia ($60,000-90,000); Frank McCarthy’s With Carbines Drawn ($20,000-30,000); Olaf Wieghorst’s Wrangling the Pony Herd ($30,000-50,000); and Roger Medearis’ Summer Pastoral ($60,000-90,000).

Blue-chip contemporary masters make up a large part of the sale, and will feature works such as Martin Grelle’s Monarchs of the North ($250,000-350,000); Logan Maxwell Hagege’s Land Meets Sky ($80,000-120,000); Z. S. Liang’s Beseeching the Underwater People ($50,000-75,000); Martin Grelle’s Windbreak ($30,000-50,000); D. Edward Kucera’s Switchback ($15,000-25,000); Kyle Polzin’s Spare Parts ($15,000-25,000); Jeremy Winborg’s On the Trail to Chinle ($20,000-30,000); William Acheff’s Harmony with Nature ($25,000-35,000); and Ken Carlson’s Solitary Watch ($15,000-25,000). Additionally, 24 model wagons will be offered by master artist Brian L. Ford.

By Coeur D'Alene Art Auction