Upcoming Auctions

On March 3rd, Potter & Potter Auctions will be offering, 'The Magic Collection of John Daniel' for auction. John Daniel was a well-known magician and an extraordinary collector and dealer of all things magic-related. This auction contains 491 pieces of magic memorabilia from his collection including vintage posters and photographs, books, props, equipment and costumes. 

In the present era of excessiveness, where daily news has been replaced by minute-to-minute hearsay and same day delivery still isn't fast enough, nostalgia seems to be making an ironic comeback. Retro technology is trending; vinyl records, turntables, film cameras, vintage videogame consoles, etc. It appears that when Millennials come up for air from the depths of their phones, they are looking to appreciate the media that came before them - objects with manual interaction and a single function.