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For hundreds of years playing cards have been bringing people, young and old, together around tables. From competing at snap as a child, to all night poker games in college, to trying our luck at blackjack in Vegas, cards elicit memories involving friends, excitement and usually good times. Indeed, for many of us, playing cards are a reference point for the evolving phases of our lives. And while you might not have always won - sometimes it might even have been painful - but then isn't that element of chance the continuing source of their appeal?

We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you! Really? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Decoding the human experience through somatic expression, specifically, laughter doesn't always arise from a place of true comprehension - these reactions can come from a multitude of misinterpretations - like knowingly driving through a chatter of half-patched potholes. A plastered smile can act as a camouflage for ones deepest anxieties - a different problem for every overexposed tooth.