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Fine Rugs NY Unveils 263 Unique Vintage and Antique Rugs for Online Auction on October 24

Oct 20,2021 | 13:00 EDT By Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase

Victor Mashihi, owner of Fine Rugs NY, is putting 263 handmade rugs under the hammer during an exclusive, live online auction on Sunday, October 24. On offer are finely woven antique and vintage rugs and tapestries from Persia, France, the Caucuses, China, Turkey.

The auction will kick off at 2pm EST online via Bidsquare. Bidders may also elect to place absentee bids on Bidsquare in advance of the auction as well.

Lot 2282, Antique Persian Hajijalili Rug

Buyers of discerning taste will find something catering to every style and price point, from a Bokhara-style prayer mat from Pakistan with a minimum bid of $150 to a sprawling 19th century Persian rug measuring 250 square feet from the Tabriz workshop of master-weaver Haji Jalili with a starting bid of $48,000 with an estimated value of up to twice that price. Finely detailed Chinese silks carpets also are up for sale alongside lushly decorated French Aubusson and Verdure-style tapestries and floral Saroukh rugs.

Lot 7410, Antique Persian Bakshayesh Rug

These works are all drawn from the collection of Victor Mashihi, proprietor of Fine Rugs NY in Manhattan as well as Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase and the Chevy Chase Design Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Hailing from Egypt, the Mashihi family has been collecting and trading sumptuously decorated rugs from across the globe since Victor’s grandfather Moussa opened a store in Cairo in 1916. Benefitting from an international network of suppliers, Moussa’s business became popular with royalty leading to his invitation to the wedding of then Iranian prince Reza Pahlavi Shah to Egyptian King Farouk’s sister Fawzia Fuad.

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