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Leonora Carrington Leads Latin America’s Most Prestigious Art Auction for the Third Time

Nov 11,2019 | 10:30 EST By Morton Subastas

Morton Subastas is proud to be hosting the upcoming Latin American Art auction where, for the third time, a painting made by the acclaimed surrealist painter Leonora Carrington will be leading an extraordinary collection of over 215 works of art by some of Latin America’s most prestigious artists.

Painstakingly put together, Morton Subastas’ Latin American Art auction is the region’s most prominent event, and will be taking place on Thursday, November 14th at 7 p.m. in the Salón Candiles del Club Naval Norte, located on Fernando Alencastre #310, Colonia Lomas de Virreyes, Mexico City.

Lot 46, Leonora Carrington, Le livre de chevet, Oil on canvas, 1956; Estimate MXN $4,200,000 - MXN $6,000,000

The painting leading the auction is a remarkable oil on canvas titled “Le livre de chevet” (“The Bedside Book”), currently valued between 4,200,000 MXN and 6,000,000 MXN.

Leonora Carrington’s work is renowned for having broken sales records in Latin America in 2017, when her painting “Virginia’s Fish” was sold for 15,400,000 MXN at Morton Subastas’ Latin American Art auction. Earlier this year, another of her works of art, “Dándole de comer a una mesa”, sold for an extraordinary 16,632,000 MXN. 

In addition to this exceptional painting, we will also be showcasing important pieces by Ángel ZárragaVicente Rojo, Fernando García PonceJosé María Velasco, Luis Nishizawa, Manuel Felguérez, Claudio Bravo, Ignacio Iturria, Fernando de Szyszlo, and Oswaldo Guayasamín, among others. These distinguished artists are the authors of some of the 215 pieces you will be able to find in the auction catalog. Morton Subastas would like to invite you, free of charge, to attend a pre-sales exhibition starting on November 9th.

Lot 47, Ángel Zárrage, Estudio del pintor Zárraga en París, Oil on canvas, 1935-36; Estimate MXN $2,500,000 - MXN $4,000,000

The presence of these important surrealist works of art is not only of great importance to the Latin American art world, but it also comes at a time when we are celebrating more than 100 years of Leonora Carrington’s birth. Auction collections are put together thanks to people consigning different pieces at different times, and we were able to meticulously put together a unique compilation built around Ms.Carrington’s stunning painting.

The Latin American Art Auction is eagerly anticipated by collectors and art enthusiasts alike, not only because it is the most prestigious art auction in the region, but because all visitors have the opportunity to enjoy works of art by the great masters of Latin America in a single exposition. This auction also functions as an essential thermometer that gauges the Latin American art market, as well as an exceptional investment opportunity for all.

By Morton Subastas