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Cowans Takes the Plunge

By Bidsquare

Feb 25,2016 | 10:25 EST

The original U.S. Navy diving helmet remains an absolute design classic. Resembling something lifted out of a B-grade Hollywood sci-fi flick from the 1950s, it was developed in 1916 in a drastic attempt to improve the Navy’s inefficient diving equipment and techniques. So good was the helmets design that it wasn’t replaced until 1984, when a lighter fiberglass model was introduced.

On Thursday, March 3, Cowan’s Auctions offers bidders the opportunity to chanel their inner Jules Verne when they offer Lot 239 of their Firearms & Accoutrements sale. Dated August, 1949, this U.S. Navy dive helmet is constructed of brass and copper, and has glass viewing windows. The piece has been refitted and polished and comes with a stylish wooden stand.

Lot 239 is just one of the many eye-catching lots up for grabs in this Cowan’s sale, beyond a deep catalog of rifles and pistols, is offering a fascinating collection of one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the landscape. Case in point - Lot 256 (above) - this amazing burglar alarm and animal trap. Sure to scar the daylights out of robbers and raccoons alike, this interesting oddity comes in good condition and with original instructions.

The Japanese have always been an inventive bunch, a notion that applies equally to weapons as it does to cars and computers. Lot 390, a pill lock copper hand-cannon comes from the land of the rising sun, and could be just the thing to snare if you manage to beat out Idris Alba as the next James Bond.

Swap out Jules Verne for Hemingway and let loose on Lot 318, two African hunting trophies dating back to 1965. The skulls belong to two different breeds of antelope - the first a gnu or wildebeest, the second the highly social and lightning quick topi. Great value and a lot easier than flying to Cape Town for safari.

Anyone looking for a solution to their burgeoning backyard squirrel problem should take a look at Lot 417, the F. Reuthe single-barrel cast iron animal trap gun. One look at the beautifully crafted piece, manufactured in 1857, should have those pesky rodents packing their bags and heading next door.

Cowans Auctions Firearms & Accoutrements sale is set down for Thursday, March 3 and contains over 880 expertly curated lots.