On The Square

Giving the Gift of Bidsquare

By Bidsquare

Dec 17,2015 | 11:00 EST

With Christmas looming large, we can all get a little desperate in our search for that special outlet offering one-of-a-kind quality gifts. Let’s face it, the thrill of buying a loved one a shirt from The Gap can get a little diminished when they see it the following week on 34 different people.

Good thing then that Bidsquare and Rago have teamed to hold a Holiday Flash sale. Passed lot offerings from Rago’s Great Estates, Coins & Currency and Fine Jewelry Auctions are up for grabs under a “Buy it now” format. No need to worry about getting outbid at this sale – all you have to do is just login and press BUY.

Lot 1380 - $39,680 - Harry Winston diamond & gold Bypass ring

The sale runs till December 22, but with lots selling fast it’s best not to dawdle! Here, we’ve shined a light a handful of personal favorites, but head over now to Bidsquare’s Auctions page and see the entire catalog.

Your family will thank you for it!

Lot 1136 - $6,400 - Etruscan revival 18K gold & lapis fringe necklace

Lot 329 - $1536 - George III mahogany sideboard

Lot 700 - $19,760 - U.S. 1907 $20.00 high relief gold coin

Lot 431 - $512 - Moser Amethyst glass dressing set