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Interpreta-tins! 5 Ways to Use Vintage Tins

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Oct 16,2018 | 17:50 EDT

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "Oh, well. I guess I don't need it." Which is usually followed by one last bittersweet inspection, a crumpled smile and a shrug? Placing a perfectly charming object back on the shelf is never a good feeling, especially for those who gravitate towards collecting. When the functionality of an object has long since expired, and pure display has taken over, the struggle is in justifying the "need" for it.

So, since we don't want you to have to second guess collecting, we've gathered several loophole's for those looking for new reasons to add vintage tin boxes to ones home environment. Here are five different interpreta-tins of how you can make use of the antique coffee, honey, tobacco and oil tins currently available in Witherell's, Western and Canadian Art From the Collection of Don Reid, Timed Auction happening now through October 30th:

1. Flower Arrangements 

Lot 103, Red Indian Aviation Motor Oil Can; Estimate $100 - $250

Give your traditional glass vase a rest and consider dressing up that old oilcan! The striking contrast between the commercial packaging of a vintage tin can and a vibrant bouquet of flowers offers up endless combinations - go as simple or as colorful as you wish!

2. Art Storage

Lot 141, Rodeo Coffee Can (Restored); Estimate $250 - $500

If you have a home studio, or like to keep art supplies out for the youngsters, using vintage tins with handles is the perfect solution for maintaining a creative and organized workspace. Not only would they keep the scissors separate from the glue sticks, but you can easily carry the tin around for optimal sharing - just hook it back up at the end of the day. 

3. Homemade Candles 

Lot 39, Gold Dust Tobacco Tin; Estimate $500 - $1,000

With the recent outpouring of craft candles circulating in local shops lately, we think it's the perfect time for you to try making your own! Use the exterior graphics as a guideline to the kind of scents and colors you want to use and start light-tin' them up! 

4. Kitchen Organization 

Lot 84, Manitoba Honey Tin; Estimate $25 - $50

Satisfy your spoons and spatulas by giving them a place to shine outside of the appliance drawer. You can go for a cooking theme, like this Manitoba Honey Tin, or just feed off of the logos you are visually drawn to!

5. Plant-tin!

Lot 46, Great West Tobacco Tin; Estimate $50 - $100

The great part about collecting anything, especially vintage tin boxes, is being able to admire the subject’s variety. Work with the different levels and widths to accommodate greenery that requires little water and drainage such as succulents, cacti and air ferns. You'll be busy plant-tin in no time!

Browse over 30 different vintage and antique tins coming up at Witherell's, Western and Canadian Art From the Collection of Don Reid, Timed Auction happening now through October 30th!

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Jessica Helen Weinberg | Senior Content Editor at Bidsquare

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