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LHA Pursuits | Kara Mann

By Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

May 17,2017 | 12:40 EDT

Kara Mann is the founder and creative director of KARA MANN, the design firm she established in Chicago in 2005. In 2011, she expanded her firm to Manhattan, where she continues to work with an international roster of discerning clients and industry leaders on both residential and commercial projects. The New York Times describes her signature style, a balance of sophistication and edge, as “interiors with a subversive side.”

In addition to numerous residential projects, Mann is currently working on a major renovation and re-imaging of the boutique Talbott Hotel in Chicago. In addition, she recently launched a new line of furniture for the venerable American brand, Baker Furniture. Follow Kara Mann: @karamanndesign

Kara Mann got her start in Chicago after studying fine art, with a focus on ceramics, at Tulane University. She received a degree in interior design from the Harrington School of Interior Design. Continually inspired by her education and background in the arts, Mann’s style draws on contemporary art and architecture with a result that is both cutting edge and timeless. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers asked Kara to pick her favorite items from their upcoming May 23rd (Post War and Contemporary) (Fine Prints) and May 24th (American and European Art) fine art auctions.

Regarding this Mary Ellen Mark photograph, Kara also said, “everything about this photo captures the 1970’s so well – from the backdrop of the graffiti to the attitudes and outfits of the two men. And I love anything from the 70’s.”

Nan Goldin’s The Hug connected with Kara; “I love how this photo captures such an intimate moment without revealing much at all. And that arm…there’s just something about that arm. It is so strong and masculine.”

“It would be calming to have this at home,” said Mann of this Louise Nevelson collage. “You could stare at it for years and it would reveal itself slowly.”

Regarding Georgia O’Keefe, Kara said, “No matter what she creates, her work is always strongly feminine. I relate to that.”

Mann could easily envision this Robert Motherwell in her personal collection. She said, “The intensity of that specific hue of red layered with the energy of the black markings makes this a piece I’d want in my own collection.”

About room scenes and this Alex Katz, Kara said, “They appeal to the designer in me. This one in particular has such a sweet simplicity.”

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